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I have 10 GIFT CARDS to give away! They give you a special discount to visit 2 of my colleagues or myself in 58 South Molton Street Well-Being Center.

Catherina Ting Ling Maurice and Audrey Stephenson are two experienced therapists in their fields. Audrey is an Integrative Therapist and Consultant, Catherina a Psychoenergetic Therapist and Yoga Teacher.

They can both be a great complement to the Sophrology method or visited directly.

Visit ommingbird.co.uk for Catherina’s work and atthepractice.com for Audrey’s work.

Have a look at the document Gift Card January 2013 to discover the GIFT CARD and amazing discount and get in touch as soon as possible as there are only 10!

Also notice that we give an early bird discount for THE ALIGNMENT PROGRAMME! If you wish to know more about it, please read the next NEW on BeSophro website.

To activate the gift card, please send a mail to [email protected]

Thank you and this is called a holistic collaboration to best meet your needs!

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