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Sophro… what? I know it’s likely you probably haven’t heard of Sophrology just yet! But this unique mind body practice to overcome stress and create harmony in our daily life has a growing group of fans in the UK.

Sophrology can be broadly classified as a meditative practice as it cultivates presence and mental clarity but it also brings something unique to the wellness space and was recently named by Harper’s Bazaar as one of the “biggest wellness trends of 2019.”

Sophrology was created in the 1960’s by Professor Alfonso Caycedo, a Neuro-Psychiatrist who was researching ways to positively impact consciousness and bring serenity in the daily life of his patients. Blending Eastern practices and philosophies with Western science, Caycedo created a unique system of exercises including relaxation, breathing, gentle movements and visualisation to help everyone tap into their inner resources. 10 minutes of Sophrology per day can radically change your quality of sleep, help you overcome stress and anxiety issues or help you perform to the best of your abilities in the workplace or in sport.

A regular practice of Sophrology can positively transform any individual to be more connected, resilient and happy. The combination of the simplicity of the guided exercises, the state of relaxation and the in depth work on body awareness through gentle moves and breathing allows even the most reluctant to find a way to access more serenity in daily life and provides an invaluable life skill. This is why Sophrology has been so popular in Continental Europe for the past 50 years and notably been used in schools (for wellbeing and exam preparation), hospitals (alongside treatments to deal with pain, sleep, cancer etc..), maternity units (for birth preparation) and by sports people to enhance performance.

Following the success of my book, The Life Changing Power of Sophrology, I am delighted that Sophrology is spreading across English speaking countries now too.

New Location: Sophrology at Bamford Haybarn,
Brompton Cross, South Kensington, London

So when Bamford approached me at the end of last year and invited me to join their team as a resident Sophrologist at the beautiful Bamford Haybarn in Brompton Cross, it was another sign that Sophrology is becoming better known outside Continental Europe.

I am thrilled that Lady Bamford herself has written about Sophrology on her personal blog recently

Bamford Haybarn provides a perfect environment to help my clients feel safe and inspired to tackle their issues. I am there every Tuesday and support people with a wide range of issues linked with stress and self-development. Together we learn simple exercise to quieten the mind, connect with the body and let it show us the way to the infinite resources of consciousness.

When I arrived in London 8 years ago from my native country Switzerland I couldn’t believe Sophrology wasn’t easily accessible here so do join me on this journey and let’s make the word spread further together!

If you are interested in trying Sophrology join me on 23rd February at 2pm for a 2-hour workshop entitled “A Calmer And Happier You With Sophrology” at Bamford Haybarn. For more information please click here

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