The 12 Degrees of Sophrology

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A complete Sophology programme has 12 Levels (Degrees). These are designed so that, over a period of time, we can discover, master and transform our consciousness.

Each Level has its own purpose and tools, to gently and safely access our sense of self-awareness, and use our inner resources in our daily lives.

It is best to start with an Introduction or Level One session as this covers the basic principles and practical exercises common to the whole method. Don’t feel you have to do all 12 Degrees – each Sophrology session offers a new discovery and experience which is valid on its own.

Dominique’s Short Courses are a great way to explore and practise the different degrees of the method. In individual sessions, Dominique tailors many of these tools in a therapeutic way to meet your specific needs.

Below are the basics of the first five Levels.

Get in touch if you’d like more details on the 12 Degrees. Or even try one of our free Sophrology Webinars.

Introduction to Sophrology

You will be given all the basic principles and tools to be confident in learning and benefiting from the method.

The techniques cover;

  • Breathing
  • Connecting to the body
  • Learning to relax the body
  • Liberating and focusing the mind

These are all important steps in creating a balance between body and mind.

Level One – First Degree

The First Degree looks into aiding;

  • Enhanced body awareness
  • Releasing deep tensions
  • Encouragement of awareness of the present

You will begin to appreciate a relaxed but dynamic state.

Level 1 particularly helps people become more confident, focused and grounded as well as helping a wide range of stress-related symptoms. Level 1 has been used widely to get ready for specific events such as mastering public speaking anxiety.

Level Two – Second Degree

The Second Degree explores the mind and the infinite possibilities at our disposal, such as;

  • Imagination
  • Concentration
  • Creativity
  • Stillness

Thereby creating both a better present and preparing you for a positive future. Level 2 is renowned for improving concentration and focus.

Level Three – Third Degree

The Third Degree encourages a deeper union of body & mind, freeing us from our limiting thought patterns and beliefs.

It helps us transform our past into a reward instead of a weight, and enjoy the present even more. We delve into this further in our blog post on the 9 steps to letting go of negativity.

Level Four – Fourth Degree

The Fourth Degree helps us live according to our own values and discover which values are most important to us.

Sophrology teaches us to look at ourselves and the world around us with fewer preconceived ideas, allowing more freedom. This can seem rather complicated to a newcomer, but as Sophrology is based on a practice involving body and mind, it becomes a living experience rather than a theoretical concept.

Levels Five & Beyond

Those interested in more advanced practice will be given tools to explore consciousness in greater depth.

The union between body, mind and soul can be further reinforced through exercises exploring the effects of sound, cell memory and fundamental human resources.

These living concepts are teaching us to be our own alchemists, giving us the opportunity to apply them to our lives and relationships.

If you’d like more details on the full 12 Degrees then please feel free to contact us. Or if you still need convincing on the benefits of Sophrology then read through some of our success stories!

You can experience Sophrology through either individual sessions, group classes, or our Online Sophrology course ‘Relax, Reset & Overcome Stress’.

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