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Can Sophrology really help you beat insomnia? | The Daily Mail review


Thank you Daily Mail and Claire Toureille for your review on Sophrology and how it helped you beat insomnia.

FEMAIL reporter Claire Toureille had a several sessions with Dominique Antiglio as part of our last “Sleep Deeply with Sophrology” online course and she shared about her experience for Daily Mail. Claire has experienced unsettled sleep since she was a child and can be awake until dawn on bad nights she says.

She says in her article: “Of all the things I’ve tried in my battle against insomnia so far, sophrology has been the most natural – and perhaps the most useful.” 

Discover how Sophrology helped her with Insomnia and the journalist verdict – Read the full article for the Daily Mail here.

The practice of Sophrology really can be life-changing. The depth of the change really depends on the regularity and commitment of the person to practice. Congratulations Claire for doing the work.


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