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Be Empowered Live Session on Instagram

19 Nov 2020
12:15 - 12:25

Be Empowered series.

Just 10 minutes a day of Sophrology can put you back in the driving seat of your life and feel prepared for whatever life throws at you. I will be leading guided Sophrology sessions via Instagram Live on Thursday, 19 November, at 12:15pmso we can help support each other with our mental wellbeing.


If you’re struggling with balancing the challenges of lockdown, a quick Sophrology break to give your mind and body the care it needs can help immensely in helping you feel calm, centred and back in control. Many of you already know how effective Sophrology can be whilst facing uncertainty and how much it helps to quieten the mind and ground you in the body. Through regular practice the simple, quick and effective exercises can help to cope with unfamiliar situations, stress, anxiety, promoting restful sleep and empower you to unlock your inner potential, reach your goals and transform your life one day at a time. I hope we can all come together once again to support one another.

I hope you all join me! xx


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