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Sleep Deeply with Sophrology – Live Online Course

21 Oct 2020

Sleep Deeply with Sophrology

A simple way to promote restful sleep and positively transform your daily life

A powerful 7-week live online course guided by Sophrologist and Author Dominique Antiglio
21st October – 3rd December 2020 

Poor sleep can be difficult to tackle on your own as it is often deeply rooted and influenced by our daily routines and stress levels. This live online course is based on Dominique’s 20 years of experience with her clients to tackle the root cause of stress and sleep issues in a simple, natural and effortless way.

Over a 7 week period, Dominique will guide you through a full and empowering step-by-step Sophrology programme with ample time to focus on every stage of the journey. From relaxing the body to conquering the mind, transforming your perspective on sleep in consciousness and making simple lifestyle changes, which combined will help to promote restful quality sleep night after night and regain calm, energy and focus in your daily life.

By working together and committing fully to every stage of the journey, you will develop a short and regular Sophrology practice which will allow your body and mind to reset to a new relaxed state. This will start the process of rewiring your brain to ensure long-lasting and sustainable results.


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Who is this course for?


  • You take ages to fall asleep
  • You wake up during the night or too early in the morning and struggle to go back to sleep
  • Your sleep feels light and you feel tired in the morning as if you haven’t had enough quality sleep
  • Your mind is racing, and you can’t switch off
  • You lack energy, focus and feel stressed
  • You feel grumpy, anxious or unable to control your emotions
  • Your body is tense and tired
  • You wish you could sleep better and have more energy
  • You are ready to solve your issues and feel empowered by practising Sophrology and receiving knowledge and advice from experts
  • You are a Sophrologist looking to deepen your practice and add to your knowledge
  • You are interested in practising Sophrology techniques based on the Sophrology method from the source (Caycedian approach)


What does the Sleep Deeply with Sophrology course entail?


  • 1 Introduction Session: Set yourself up for success and learn how to make the most of your Sophrology course with a 50 minute live session
  • 6 Core Knowledge and Practice Sessions: Weekly 60 minute live sessions every Tuesday 7-8pm GMT which will include practical information and guided Sophrology practices. Recordings available if you can not make this time. Please see FAQs for more information.
  • 3 Pure Practice Add-on Sessions: Weekly 30 minute live sessions on three Thursday 7-7.30pm GMT to complement your weekly practice and boost results. Recordings available if you can not make this time. Please see FAQs for more information.
  • 3 Practice and Q&A Add-on Sessions: Receive personal advice and guidance from Dominique while connecting with your fellow students and practicing live together with 60 minute live sessions on three Thursdays from 7-8pm GMT. Recordings available if you can not make this time. Please see FAQs for more information.
  • 2 Wellness Expert Sessions: Receive further expert advice from Guest Wellness Experts to complement your Sophrology journey.
  • 1 Staying on Track Session: A 50 minute live session after the programme has ended to help maintain your practice and fully integrate it into your routines
  • Weekly actionable sleep advice
  • Sophrology exercises tailored for sleep, as well as exercises from Levels 1 and 2 of Sophrology
  • Simple handouts and questionnaires to monitor your progress and integrate your learnings into your everyday life
  • 7 Sophrology Audio Recordings to keep even after the programme has ended
  • A Supportive Community to empower your practice

All sessions will be led by Dominique

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What Makes This Approach Different?

This course addresses each aspect of your life

Are you ready to
Let’s Start!

7 Week Breakdown:

Week 1: Set yourself up for success

  • Get rid of obstacles and start your sleep journey with a clean slate
  • Transform your anxieties when it comes to sleep into motivators to prepare yourself – mind, body, and routine – to maximise results without pressure
  • Get into the positive mindset of healing your relationship with sleep

Week 2: Instant calm to drift off

  • Take control of your nervous system
  • Identify the root cause of your sleep issues and face them head on
  • Find your calm with easy and simple exercises you can practise in bed to help you drift off night after night

Week 3: Balance your mind and emotions

  • A day in your life – process your daily experiences and uncover how they may affect your stress levels and sleep quality
  • Reframe your stressors and free yourself from the negative stress cycle
  • Recognise that you are not your worries

Week 4: Your sleep is sacred

  • Make your sleep a priority!
  • Create your own personalised pre-bed routine

Week 5: Protect your sleep

  • Reset for a full night’s sleep
  • Navigate the different phases of sleep
  • Discover the power of consciousness in sleep through the Sophroliminal Sleep Protection exercise aka the Sleep Gatekeeper

Week 6: Unlock the power of true circadian health

  • Sync up with the natural rhythm of your body clock
  • Optimise your schedule to align with your circadian rhythm

Week 7: Sleep for an empowered, calmer and happier life

  • Be your own sleep expert: put everything you’ve learned into practice
  • Harness the power of feeling more energised
  • Project yourself into a positive future

Post-course session: Staying on track

  • Check-in with Dominique to help you maintain your progress

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This course should be taken as part of a holistic lifestyle of well-being and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. 

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