Hi everyone!

To accompany the book, I have created a free audio guide that will allow you to easily benefit from the practice of Sophrology.

Everything I mention in this audio guide is described in the book, such as: the five systems and their integration points to connect through your fingertips, the sitting and standing postures, the Tratac, the Activation Stretch, the different moves, ways to breathe and the sequences of each practice.

I hope you enjoy my free practice guide, I look forward to hearing how you get on!

With Love,

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The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology – Free Audio Guide

Access to 13 Free Sophrology Audio Practice Guides

  1. Introduction to the practices.
  2. Key Technique 1: The Body Scan
  3. Key Technique 2: The Clearing Breath
  4. Key Technique 3: Tune into your Vital Power
  5. The Foundation Practice
  6. Level 1 – Part 1
  7. Level 1 – Part 2
  8. The Supertool Practice – The Bubble Exercise
  9. The Supertool Practice – The Pump Exercise
  10. The Supertool Practice – The Magic Picture
  11. The Supertool Practice – The Bag Exercise
  12. The Supertool Practice – The Reflex Sign
  13. The Supertool Practice – The Sleep Gatekeeper

I’ve created this audio guide as the perfect free gift to accompany my book.

Please feel free to download these today. They are yours to keep.

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