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History of Sophrology



Sophrology began in Spain, in 1960. It was created by Professor Alfonso Caycedo, a doctor and surgeon specialising in psychiatry and neurology. He was particularly interested in human consciousness and wanted to find gentle, therapeutic ways to help his patients in their daily lives. He went to Switzerland to study the phenomenologic branch of psychiatry with his mentor Ludwig Binswanger. He then went to other parts of Europe to learn hypnosis and relaxation methods, including autogenic training.

Caycedo spent some years in Asia, immersed in Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism and Japanese Zen and this led him to develop Caycedian Sophrology. The method combines and adapts the essence of these different philosophies, to expand consciousness and promote harmony of body and mind.

Over the years, Professor Caycedo has regularly updated and completed his method, which now includes 12 gradual degrees (levels) of practice. Each level has its own theme and exercises. With regular practice Caycedian Sophrology allows us to progressively master these levels, to reach a true state of balance in tune with our deepest values.

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