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Try these unusual tricks for a good night’s sleep in Metro Newspaper


Big thanks to Metro for including wellbeing expert Dominique Antiglio’s helpful tips on getting better sleep in the wake of “coronasomnia” on World Sleep Day. Know more about how Sophrology can help you get a better sleep here and join our new Sleep Deeply with Sophrology course starting on April 6th.

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Dominique Antiglio, a sophrologist at BeSophro Clinics, says it’s time to stop this: ‘Don’t brag about how little sleep you get or say you’re “too busy to sleep”, as it isn’t healthy.

‘Sleep deprivation has real health implications and is counter-productive, so we should be encouraging more sleep, not less.

‘We like being “on the go”, but dedicating enough time to “letting go” – sleep being the ultimate form – is the only way you can sustain a busy lifestyle in a healthy way.

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