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Sophrology in Evening Standard – Sleepless nights? How to hack your way to better sleep

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Press

Thank you, Evening Standard, for including wellbeing expert Dominique Antiglio’s advice for better sleep for those who are struggling to sleep more at night.

“Dominique Antiglio, sophrologist and sleep expert at BeSophro Clinics, says this is no surprise. ‘I have noticed an underlying anxiety among my clients due to all the uncertainty. Our routines, commute, the way in which we communicate and relate to friends, family and colleagues has changed, there is a greater influx of news to absorb, all of which trigger stress and anxiety, which is bound to have an effect on our sleep. And although some of us may be less physically tired, we may well be mentally spent. Those with less to do during the day may also be less stimulated, yet we need that stimulation [to tire us out].”

Find out more about the feature here and join our new Sleep Deeply with Sophrology course starting on April 6th.