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Sophrology featured in new book on walking


Dominique Antiglio has been interviewed by Paola Bassanese for her new book “Strictly Walk Slimmer” which includes Sophrology exercises.

Sophrology can literally help you each step of the way in your daily life: now you can learn how to practise Sophrology even when you walk!

The book looks at ways to use walking every day as a form of exercise but also as a way to take time out to meditate and gain a sense of perspective.

In the book Dominique explains how Sophrology can help you achieve “stillness in action” as you go out for a walk: you will find some exercises that you can do any time, anywhere.

By practising Sophrology on a regular basis you learn to be present and to listen to the sensations from your body and how you react to them. Integrating movement with your Sophrology practice allows you to enrich your path to self-discovery and you improve your ability to observe the world around you.

In the book Dominique also explains the 12 levels of Sophrology and when to use walking in your Sophrology practice. Bringing movement and breathing together will help you to increase your body awareness.

 “Strictly Walk Slimmer” is available on Amazon here

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