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Sophrology in The Guardian: From siestas to saunas – the 10 European wellbeing traditions everyone should try


Sophrology has been an important part of the European health and well-being for over 40 years now so we were thrilled to see Sophrology included in this fantastic article in The Guardian.

Sophrology is even reimbursed by the Swiss National Health Insurance as it has been proven that people who practice Sophrology take 30% less medicine than those who don’t!

BeSophro is proud to be championing this life-changing practice in English speaking countries be it via Dominique’s book, online courses, individual or group sessions. Learn about Sophrology, and welcome a calmer, empowered and happier you! Get in touch to find out more:


From siestas to saunas: the 10 European wellbeing traditions everyone should try

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