Sophie McGrath – Sophrologue Qualifiée à BeSophro


About Sophie


Sophie McGrath is a qualified Sophrologist, supporting people with stress-management,
women’s empowerment, and corporate well-being at BeSophro.

BeSophro is a London based clinic and online platform founded by Sophrologist and best-selling author Dominique Antiglio. It supports individuals and corporate employees to feel empowered in daily life using Sophrology. Sophrology is a practice for mind and body using a combination of breathing, relaxation, movement and visualisation to support people in unlocking their true potential.

Sophie has extensive experience in supporting individuals and groups with Sophrology. Her previous career was in the media industry, where she gained a solid understanding of the corporate world’s challenges. Through her professional and caring approach, Sophie creates a safe space for clients to explore their inner resources and transform at their own pace. Her clients include Hewlett Packard, Google France, FIS financial services and French bank Société Générale. Below are examples of her area of expertise:
– Stress, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed
– Restful sleep
– Confidence and empowerment
– Preparing for a challenging event/change
– Work life balance
– Pre and post natal support
– Chronic pain

Sophie is also a qualified hypnosis practitioner she’s received training in hypnobirthing, EFT, non-violent communication and positive psychology. She can guide sessions in both English and French.