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The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology is the first widely published book on Sophrology in English and has been instrumental in spreading the practice beyond continental Europe. Sophrology has been widely practised in France, Belgium, Spain and Switzerland for decades by everyone from Olympic athletes and high-flying CEOs such as Arianna Huffington to students and mums-to-be to help calm the mind, relax, sleep better, deal with anxiety, prevent burn out or to prepare for important events.

Sophrology is being hailed by everyone from The Guardian to The Times and Harper’s Bazaar as the UK’s next biggest wellness trend.

This Sophrology book includes everything you need to know about Sophrology, Dominique’s own wellbeing journey, case studies, practical exercises, on-the-go exercises as well as a Sophrology practice audio guide.

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This book will transform all our lives if we follow its helpful suggestions.

Getting your book has been a wonderful experience for me. I find the techniques so practical, effective and enriching.

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Follow Dominique’s daily 10-minute programme to discover the secret “superpower” of Sophrology and discover strength and an inner resilience, confidence and calm you never knew you had. In just 10 minutes Sophrology can help you find calm and headspace, release stress and anger, increase confidence, let go of negativity and manage your energy.

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