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Hi I’m Dominique

I created BeSophro to support people in their everyday life using the power of Sophrology. As a Sophrologist, my role is to help you discover your inner strength and resilience so that you can enjoy a positive, empowered and happy state of mind everyday.

Many people around the world look to Sophrology to alleviate stress, anxiety, nervousness, poor sleep, lack of energy and to support with birth preparation and major life events. Sophrology blends Eastern practices with Western science for an easy to learn, modern and dynamic practice. Helping my clients transition to a calmer, focused, more productive version of themselves and witnessing the effect it has on their health, families and careers is very rewarding.

It’s great that you are here as I would love to help you in whatever way feels comfortable to you, whether that’s via my book, online programmes, group or individual sessions.

Sophrology is big news in the wellness world.

You’ve heard of mindfulness, now meet its dynamic young cousin Sophrology.

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