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Driven by her passion to make Sophrology available to as many people as possible, Dominique is leading the Sophrology movement through her work with BeSophro and her best-selling book “The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology”, which was the first widely published comprehensive guide on Sophrology in English worldwide and is now the leading authority on the subject.

Dominique has a unique and in-depth take on Sophrology, having trained directly under the Founder of Sophrology, Professor Alfonso Caycedo. She is available for inspiring talks, panel discussions, and speaking events. Learn more about her here

A compassionate, approachable and calming presence, Dominique led us through a series of useful mental and physical exercises designed to help us relax and deal with the stresses of modern life. The session was very well received and provided a wonderful and relaxing start to the day.

Angelique and Dominique are a powerful duo and work together in perfect synergy. The combination of expertise in Nutrition and Sophrology gave me a much deeper and more rounded understanding of the impacts of stress on my mind and body. Plus they gave me practical tools to help me take charge. It was an incredibly useful workshop which I’d recommend to anyone.

 I did weekly sophrology sessions for 5 years until last year, and I was curious to experience a session done by someone else. I enjoyed it and I’m really planning to continue to do it again, shorter sessions more often, as suggested. There was a good balance between theory and practice and everything was really well presented.

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Dominique is a regular speaker at events such as The Guardian Masterclasses, Evening Standard The Reset and Live Well London and has hosted workshops with brands including Soho House, Allbright, Asics, and Lululemon as well as many corporate firms, The World Economic Forum and the UK government. To provide the audience with a holistic experience of theory, science, and practice, she often includes a Sophrology practice in her speaking engagements. 



Sophrology is an empowering toolkit for modern life; from learning how to deal with stress and anxiety to sleeping better, letting go of tension and worries and positively dealing with life’s challenges, Dominique tailors her topics to best fit your audience’s needs and interests.


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