A simple way to promote restful sleep and positively transform your daily life

7- week online course 
17 minute daily practices
Suitable for all levels 

Based on Dominique Antiglio’s 20 years of experience with her clients to tackle the root cause of stress and sleep issues in a simple and natural way, this course allows your mind and body to completely reset to a relaxed and balanced state, taking you on a progressive journey which addresses each aspect of your life.


Use the body as an anchor in your transformation

Let go of stress and help the body restore by switching on the parasympathetic nervous system


Learn simple ways to program positively for sleep

Re-wire the brain and free your mind of repetitive and anxious thoughts


Stay attuned to your circadian rhythm and sleep-wake cycles

Integrate behaviours which minimise the impact of stress and promote deep sleep into your daily routine


Awareness of your unique needs

Discover all resources are already within you and how to connect to them

Dominique Antiglio is a qualified and globally sought-after Sophrologist, best-selling author, and Founder of BeSophro. Learn more about Dominique here.

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Samantha Clarke - Happiness Consultant, CEO, Author

Sophrology has helped me acknowledge the role of breath in both myself and my clients and the power of releasing tension & overcoming stress. Sophrology is so practical and something that I can weave effortlessly into my day. It is so helpful to know there is a toolkit available that can be of support during these tumultuous times.

Samantha Clarke - Happiness Consultant, CEO, Author


I never expected to find Sophrology so effective. Its deeply empowering and immediate. After just one session I felt lighter, more awake and less stressed. Stress comes with my job and this is the best way I’ve found to manage it, and take back control. I now use the skills I’ve learned before big presentations and meetings, or just when I feel overwhelmed. It’s been a real game-changer in my everyday life.


Louise Roe - Author, Journalist, TV presenter

Sophrology is similar to meditation in many ways but for me, was easier to stick to. I did a first sessions with Dominique, during which I instantly felt different: lighter, and as if I understood what was going on in my brain and body, much better.

Louise Roe - Author, Journalist, TV presenter


“Just spending 20 mins/day on myself has made a difference to how I feel, both in terms of sleep, but also during the day. I also feel like I have techniques now to help manage stress better and hope to incorporate some of the practices earlier in the day to see if it helps with work stress.”


Allison H

These Sophrology sessions were like slowly stripping the layers of an onion. The practice and the ‘tools’ started coming together as we continued with you. You have an amazingly gentle hypnotic voice which is very calming and helped in relaxing and gaining the most from the practices.

Allison H


« I wanted to thank you for opening the door to my sleep control room. It has changed my life!
I sleep so much better, so much deeper I don’t hear my husband snore now.
I am the master of my sleep and my tool box is my treasure trove! »



“It was a wonderful journey. Purely life-changing! I saw how sleep difficulties are not just about sleep. They touch so many contexts of our lives. I am very happy I can sleep better now, it gives me joy and confidence. Thank you so much.”


Katrien Goddemaer

« This course has helped me with falling asleep more easily, feeling less stressed and calmer throughout the day, and a better relationship with sleep overall. I have learned to accept my worries and emotions, and how to relieve my stress. I am a little more connected with myself, my body, and emotions. »

Katrien Goddemaer

Emmanuel Gremaud

« I’ve noticed that the daily practice of Sophrology is bearing fruit. I am calmer during the day, and mentally feel more present and positive. As far as my sleep is concerned the results are a little slower but when I wake up during the night, I’m not anxious or stressed anymore. »

Emmanuel Gremaud


« Dominique has attention for every student. She’s open and without judgment. She gave me energy. Her way of making people more aware is motivating. She leaves you free in how you let Sophrology be part of your life. But who she is as a person? She breathes love! »


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What happens during the 7 weeks?

Session 1: Set Yourself Up for Success
Session 2: How to Achieve Instant Calm Before Bed
Session 3: Balance your Mind and Emotions
Session 4: Your Sleep is Sacred
Session 5: Learn the Supertools to Help You Sleep Night After Night
Session 6: Unlock the Power of True Circadian Health
Session 7: Be Your Own Sleep Expert

The full course includes:

  • 13 guided Sophrology sessions
  • 8 hours of expert knowledge
  • 7 audio recordings
  • Access to online course community

The course was developed specifically so that each week’s session prepares you for the next one, ensuring long-lasting and sustainable results. Every Tuesday, a session is released in video format on the BeSophro course platform and is available for 7 days, until it is replaced by the next week’s content to ensure continued progress for the whole group. Every Thursday, bonus practice content is released, either via video or on 3 weeks of the course, a live practice session with Dominique. You will also have access to weekly guided audio practices, which you can keep forever. You can see the full times and dates here.

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Why Sophrology Works for Sleep?

  • Sophrology’s unique combination of breathing, relaxation, movement and visualisation balances the nervous system when it’s agitated, supporting us to switch on the parasympathetic nervous system, helping us feel calm, recuperate, and settle into quality sleep.
  • Slow, deep breathing results in melatonin production, an essential sleep-inducing hormone which calms the nervous system and promotes relaxation.
  • Visualisation combined with relaxation promotes positive conditioning as sleep improves, reducing negative stress triggers and anxieties towards sleep.
  • Mindful movement helps focus our thoughts throughout the day, helping the mind settle into a state of calm before bed.

Are you ready to

Join our next sleep course starting on June 23rd to 5th August 2021!

For peace of mind, we also include our


  • You struggle to fall asleep and switch off at night because your mind is racing.
  • You wake up through the night and can’t go back to sleep.
  • Your lack of sleep leaves you grumpy, anxious or unable to control your emotions or your body is tense and tired and your mind feels unfocused and stressed.
  • You are a Sophrologist looking to deepen your practice and knowledge or are interested in practising Sophrology techniques based on the Sophrology method from the source (Caycedian approach).

This 7 – week online course stars from Wednesday 23rd June to 5th August 2021.

To see the programme, dates and times, click here

Over 7 weeks, from 23rd June to 5th August 2021, you will be receiving weekly knowledge and practice video sessions. The practices will be supplemented with 4 live practice sessions with Dominique so she can better guide you through this journey.

You will be receiving weekly access to a total of 2 video recordings of the Tuesday and Thursday sessions and 1 audio practice.

The Knowledge Sessions will be released every Tuesday and are compulsory for progression. The weekly Practice Sessions will either be pre-recorded and published every Thursday, or live with Dominique for 3 Thursdays at 7:30 pm BST. There will be one bonus Guest Expert Session which you will be able to access through this course platform as well.

On each Tuesday, a video recording of the Knowledge & Practice Session will be released on the course platform. They will be available on the platform for 7 days until they are replaced by the succeeding week’s content.


Each Thursday, you will receive a Bonus Practice Session. These sessions will be a mix of video recordings released weekly and live sessions with Dominique Antiglio via zoom. The video recording of the live Bonus Practice sessions will be uploaded to your courses platform after the live session has ended. These sessions are designed to help you stay committed to the practice and will be available for 5 days until they are replaced by the succeeding week’s content.


The weekly audio practice is a 15-20 minute audio recording which you can use to practise on your own every day. You will be able
to download it from the courses platform, and it is yours to keep forever so you can use it for your own practice even after the course has ended.


The pace and course is structured in this way so that we keep a rhythm and to motivate participants to practice that week before the next part of the method is released. This is our way to make sure everyone is going through the process within the timing that allows the best chance for transformation of sleep as otherwise, it will be difficult to see changes taking place.

The total course duration is 12 hours structured over 7 weeks, however these are a mixture of compulsory and bonus sessions.


The total number of hours necessary to complete to ensure progression is 15.5 hours over 7 weeks (approx 2.25 hours a week). This is compiled of the weekly hour Knowledge and Practice Sessions and 17 minute independent practice using the audio recording 5-7 times a week.


Over the 7 weeks there are 4 hours of bonus material this includes 3 Bonus Live Practice sessions with Dominique, and 1 Bonus Wellness Expert session.

Sophrology is a complementary therapy not a substitution for medical treatment so you should never stop taking medications without clear approval from your GP.

Yes, you can pay with PayPal, or with a Debit/Credit Card.

All students get access to a private Facebook Group where you can ask Dominique and the BeSophro Team any questions you may have and share your experience with like-minded students.

Being able to relax is an important part of the practice; therefore it’s helpful if you aren’t hungry or thirsty. Equally, it’s advisable not to eat or drink too much just before.

Sophrology does not involve active exercise although you are likely to do simple breathing exercises and gentle movements, whilst standing or sitting. There is no need for special clothes we recommend wearing something you are comfortable in.

Then Sophrology is perfect for you and anyone who struggles with meditative practices! Sophrology offers an easy way to develop focus notably making it accessible through more active standing exercises, which quieten the mind and ground you in your body. For more on this subject see our blog ‘Mindfulness for people who think they can’t meditate”.

Sophrology is fairly new to the UK and US. It is very well established in many European countries and is now growing in popularity in English speaking countries. If you look in our press section, you will discover it has attracted a lot of attention recently, notably thanks to Dominique’s book, which is the first widely published Sophrology book in the English language.

Sophrology is a self-development method based on a practice for body and mind. Sophrology can bring many benefits to feel calmer, empowered and in control. Sophrology is fully compatible with, and complementary to other approaches but does not replace medical or psychotherapeutic treatment.

Do I need to know about meditation or yoga to be able to do the course?

No, the course suits everyone; it is simple and short so people can use the basic tools of Sophrology to manage stress as well as discovering the first step of this unique method.

How does Sophrology compare with other approaches such as yoga, etc.?

All approaches offer different benefits and it is for the individual to decide which might suit them best. The power of Sophrology lies in its combined approach – working on body and mind together to reach another level of awareness and wellbeing. Being in a state of dynamic relaxation makes it easier to focus the mind, enabling you to examine your physical and mental being at a profound level. You learn to take responsibility for your own life and health and how to deal with a range of issues and symptoms. Sophrology not only helps people to positively live the present moment but its practice includes techniques to help prepare for the future (including specific events), or overcome tensions from the past. It is an easy to learn method, something you can learn for a lifetime and apply in many situations.

For more information about Sophrology and other therapies, click here.

Sophrology is not strenuous and readily suits most people.


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