What is

Sophrology is..
  • A step-by-step mental well-being practice, fit for even the busiest routines
  • Simple mental and physical exercises that when practised regularly, lead to an empowered and balanced state of body and mind
  • Requiring only 3 – 15 minutes per practice, Sophrology can be done anytime, anywhere, alone or in a group
  • Created from both Eastern philosophies and Western science, Sophrology uniquely combines breathing, relaxation, gentle movement and visualisation techniques to quieten the mind and ground you in the body
  • Helps you deal with stress, anxiety, problems sleeping, mastering your mindset.


Sophrology – Your Toolkit for Modern Life


At BeSophro, we aim to support and empower as many people as we can through the issues and struggles of today’s fast-paced and demanding lifestyles.

Sophrology was created 60 years ago in Spain by psychiatrist and neurologist, Professor Alfonso Caycedo. The definition of Sophrology is a mental wellbeing practice that uniquely combines breathing, relaxation, gentle movement, meditation and visualisation techniques to quieten the mind and ground you in the body.

Through regular practice the simple, quick and effective exercises help with stress, anxiety, promoting restful sleep and empower you to unlock your inner potential, reach your goals and transform your life one day at a time.

Sophrology has been widely practised across Continental Europe for decades in different settings including schools, hospitals and corporate environments and championed by everyone from Olympic athletes to high-flying CEOs. In Switzerland, Sophrology is even reimbursed by the Swiss National Insurance as it has been proven that people who practice Sophrology regularly reduce their medication intake by 30%.

Sophrology’s credibility as a well-established practice in these various settings and its scientific background and research further strengthen its accessibility and safety. To learn more about Sophrology and its powerful life-changing benefits, read our article on the Science of Sophrology.

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The science is there. This is one wellness trend we’ll be watching.

While many people try and fail to reap the benefits of meditative practices, taking up Sophrology could be the key to unlocking your mind’s potential.

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The benefits of Sophrology

Sophrology was initially only used in the medical world but from the 1970’s it quickly spread across Europe due to its far-reaching health benefits which include:

Stress management

Lack of focus, anxiety, mood swings, difficulty sleeping, relationship concerns, tension, prevent burn out and exhaustion

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Self development

Learn to relax and let go, feel in control, build confidence, think positively, find clarity and purpose

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Birth preparation

Feel more confident about giving birth, learn how to deal better with pain, prepare for parenting, bond with baby

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Preparing for events

Speeches, interviews and exams, medical procedures, major celebrations (weddings etc.), stage or sport performances

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Caycedo’s influences:

Western science

Phenomenological psychiatry
Autogenic training


Sophrology is a unique blend of Eastern philosophies and practices with Western Science

Eastern philosophy

Tibetan Buddhism
Japanese Zen

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