Christmas Tips from BeSophro

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Are you stressed? Sophrology Christmas tip. Sometimes it’s only when our body or mind give us major signs that we realize we are stressed or have been stressed for a while.

Monitoring our breath is very useful for understanding if we are in a state of stress.

Three times a day, whilst you are sitting at your desk, focus for 1 minute on your breath, one hand on your chest, the other hand on your lower tummy. Inhale and exhale normally, and carefully observe the movements under your hands.

If you are relaxed, the abdominal hand should be the one that moves. If it is the hand placed on your chest which is moving, you are probably in a state of stress.

Sophrology offers many tools and strategies to overcome stress and its many symptoms. It also allows us to control the impact of stress on our health, and for example, help to prevent burn-out, difficulty sleeping, eating disorders, anxiety, chronic pains etc..

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