My Life-Changing Journey with Sophrology

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I was 15 when I stepped out of my doctor’s office, with a “prescription” to try Sophrology. “Soph-what?” I thought, not knowing it would become a very familiar word in my vocabulary.

After months of unexplained fatigue and feeling run down, and fainting episodes, I was ready to try anything to help me get better. Sophrology was already a popular practice in Switzerland, where I lived, particularly among athletes to improve their sporting performance. You can read more about my story and my experience with Sophrology in my book The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology.

What I found so beneficial about using Sophrology at a young age was its effectiveness and how gentle it was in restoring balance within my mind and body. It didn’t require learning complicated techniques and I felt the practitioner really listened to me and understood what I was experiencing and then tailoring the practice to my age and needs.

Over the years, Sophrology has been my companion: it helped me overcome health issues in my early life, stay calm and focused during exams at school and at university, it kept me grounded during my solo travels in Asia, it gave me resilience when I moved from Switzerland to London and started my business and prepared my body and mind for the birth of my beautiful son. The list, of course, goes on, but this is simply to show you how powerful this practice is and how you can apply it in any area of your life.

Sophrology Any Time, Anywhere

Sometimes we make plans to attend evening classes, maybe we make New Year’s resolutions to learn a new skill but we simply run out of time and out of steam. Finding the time to do things we enjoy doing can be a challenge, but thanks to technology we can access so much information, even learn a new language from an app.

It may seem strange to use technology to learn how to relax when so many of us need to go on a “digital detox” to become less addicted to our smartphones. However, the main difference here is how we use technology and putting very precise limitations around it.

Using an online course means you will only need to be connected for half an hour, and the sessions are conducted mostly with your eyes closed while your mind will be focused on following the rhythm of your breathing, the awareness of your body and creating new images on your inner screen. It’s more of an inner journey rather than being a passive spectator like when you watch TV.

In other words, and as I describe it in my book, Sophrology makes you feel that you are in the driving seat of your life instead of feeling like you are the victim of your circumstances.

BeSophro Online Course

Sophrology gives you a set of simple tools that you can use when you need a boost: for example, to face a challenging situation, improve your sleep or to re-energise when you feel tired.

We all have unlimited and untapped potential within ourselves: we can access it when we reach a relaxed state that we call the “Sophroliminal state”. That’s where our consciousness is and we can tap into it to get the inner resources we need.

Sophrology gives you the ability of looking at a problem that has been troubling you from a different perspective, and sometimes this can help you find a solution or, at least, stop fretting about it.

The BeSophro online Sophrology course is structured over five sessions of 30 minutes each. All the sessions include a guided Sophrology practice. Its aim is to give you simple Sophrology tools to overcome stress and create the life you want to live with no self-doubt and more confidence, and being open to opportunities.

The course will take you on a journey starting from working with your breath and Sophrology body scans, then showing you how you can easily let go of tension in your mind using body awareness. You will learn how to tap into the positive and endless potential of your consciousness to start transforming your daily life notably using visualisation. The course will show you that you are much more than your stress and how to tap into your true potential and find the clarity you need to move forward in a positive way. During the whole course, you will also be encouraged to write about your experience in each session. You may notice a difference in the way you feel, the way you look at the world around you, the way you embrace each day. Any change, big or small, will equip you with vital information about the progress you are making.

We all experience difficulties from time to time, but having a simple tool to access strength and a positive mindset can make a difference to our quality of life.

Ultimately the aim of a Sophrology practice is to support you in your daily life and make your life more enjoyable. Sophrology helps us to feel happy, relaxed and fulfilled.

So, don’t delay – sign up for the BeSophro online course and become the best version of yourself!


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