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In this blog, we are excited to introduce you to Natalia, our BeSophro Head of Corporate Programmes. We have asked her a few questions that will allow you to get to know her better.


Life Changing Power of Sophrology

Natalia Candebat-Stepanova is a qualified Sophrologist specialising in corporate wellbeing and a certified corporate coach, creative entrepreneur and digital experience designer.

She blends her knowledge of Sophrology, neuroscience, and over 10 years of experience in digital media to support BeSophro’s custom and easy-to-implement corporate programs with one objective: helping organisations build mentally resilient, self-aware and purpose-driven teams, capable of rapidly adapting and innovating in a fast-evolving business landscape.

As a workshop leader, her focus is on rethinking the brain-body connection’s decisive role in shaping tomorrow’s most wanted soft business skills and bringing about these positive changes through the practice of Sophrology. We spoke to Natalia about her Sophrology journey and where she plans to go next with BeSophro…

What are you hoping to achieve at BeSophro?


The modern business landscape has never been more demanding, ambiguous and uncertain. The resulting fatigue and stress undermine our mental health, wellbeing, sleep and life-work balance.

Sophrology has a unique response to these challenges. Why not bring it directly to the office and meeting rooms?

By joining BeSophro, I aim to continue introducing the corporate sector to the life-changing benefits of Sophrology as widely as possible.

In the mid-term, it means offering our clients timely, customised services (workshops, keynote speeches and online programmes) fitting the fast-evolving needs of companies and individuals.

As a step further, I envision stronger long-term partnerships with visionary companies that put wellbeing and mental health at the core of their corporate strategies.

Such companies could have in-house dedicated Sophrologists and Sophro-training as part of People & Talent and Learning & Development strategies. The Research and Development departments could use it to foster innovation, neuroplasticity and much more.

Sophrology teaches us to break new boundaries. And that’s what I aim for with Besophro.

workplace wellbeing practice

What advice would you give to readers to help them make the time to practice Sophrology?


Like many of us, I face a busy schedule that leaves little time for moments of restful silence. Sometimes it’s hard to motivate yourself. Here are my 5 tips to make Sophrology an enjoyable moment that can fit into your daily life:


Set a 10-minute weekly meeting with your friend to practice online and enjoy discovering the benefits of this journey together.


I always have three Sophrology techniques ready, which help me with the most challenging moments, so I can press play without thinking.


Whenever I can, I suggest a mindful 5-minute kickstart to a meeting or lunch break. You’d be surprised how many are happy to share a restful break with you.


Setting this 15 minutes of silent space in my calendar allows me to create extra time to practice, breathe and unwind.


Understanding the science behind the mechanisms of neuroplasticity and rewiring the brain also helps a lot. We know that repetition is vital to creating lasting change.


How did you start your Sophrology journey?

corporate wellbeing strategy


My journey in mind-body practice started with Yoga and Alan Watts’s book “Zen”, thanks to my Dad. I was 16 and I was curious. I loved the challenge of mastering my mind and have continued practising mindfulness in different forms for many years.

But it was only when I was 34 that Sophrology came into my life. At that time, I was not fully aligned with what I was doing at work. I was stressed and exhausted. My body started sending me severe alarming signs. My Swiss GP suggested consulting a Sophrologist to regain balance. After a few sessions, I found inner calm and I knew – deep in my heart – I wanted to become one myself to help others.


How effective/impactful has Sophrology been in your life?


Sophrology was life-changing in many ways. After the full training, I felt a part of me was literally “rebooted”.

The most powerful transformations were:

    • Increased SELF-CONFIDENCE: trusting my ideas and business intuitions while switching off my inner judge.
    • Decreased ANXIETY: I stopped nail biting and started to breathe deeper, be more focused and be less dispersed.
    • EMOTIONAL STABILITY & RESILIENCE: letting the emotion flow through me rather than drowning in it.
    • MAKING PEACE WITH THE PAST – SELF-PERMISSION: I allowed myself to live the life I want, beyond the mental constructions, family and social inheritance we all carry.


Want to try Sophrology with your team or think your employees would benefit from a wellbeing strategy at work? Book a 30min discovery session with Natalia here.

Learn more about our corporate programme here.

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