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Curious to Try Sophrology for the First Time?

Sometimes we want to try a new thing: maybe learn a new skill or join a class. This can also be part of New Year resolutions!

Among the skills you could learn there is Sophrology, a form of dynamic relaxation that you can use any time and anywhere to help you de-stress.

Can you answer this question: when was it the last time that you took a nice deep breath? In our day-to-day, busy life, we are likely to be breathing very shallowly from our lungs instead of from our abdomen. The large muscle underneath our ribcage and surrounding the top of our tummy is called the diaphragm and it is responsible for more expansive breathing. Deep breathing allows us to relax, feel more centred and oxygenate all parts of our bodies. It is a very nourishing type of breath, bringing oxygenated blood to the brain and bathing our whole body in stress-reducing hormones.


Why Join a Sophrology Group Class

We all know life can be very busy and the thought of having one more activity to add to your diary might fill us with anxiety. However, if this activity not only helps you manage your stress levels better but also helps you to cope with how busy life can be for years to come, then attending a class can make a difference to your quality of life.

Here at BeSophro, we have devised a simple course of drop-in classes that are suitable for those who are totally unaware of Sophrology and those who have practised Sophrology before and need a refresher course.

A Sophrology group class can be a great opportunity to meet new people as well while enjoying a comfortable and welcoming environment. At the beginning of each class we assess the needs of the whole group, but without getting into the detail of personal situations. For example, in the same group, we might have someone who wants to learn how to manage his stress levels, a new mum who needs to learn how to get a better night’s sleep after having her baby, and someone who has some personal goals to achieve but lacks confidence.


Why Try Sophrology

I started learning about and practising Sophrology since I was 15 years old, in Switzerland. Sophrology is better known and more widely practised in countries like Switzerland, France and Spain, but more and more people are becoming more interested in Sophrology as a stress reduction technique.

Sophrology taps directly into the power of consciousness: instead of spending years in therapy, you can learn to face daily challenges by working on your breath through a series of exercises. The more you practise, the better you get, so it is usually recommended to do about 10-15 minutes of Sophrology exercises a day.

Sophrology is a dynamic form of relaxation that can be performed at any time and anywhere. We were all born with an infinite amount of inner resources like resilience. However, when life gets too busy, we forget how strong we are and we tend to give in to stress.

Are you ready to give Sophrology a try? We run drop-in group classes for all levels: just email [email protected] for more information.

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