Sophrology: A Dynamic Alternative for Mindfulness and Meditation For Children & Teens

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When I decided to become a qualified Sophrologist, I had already accumulated years of practice for myself and I was using Sophrology on a daily basis in my life. I did in fact come across Sophrology early on in my life as a teenager and was introduced to it as I was finding it difficult to cope with my studies and sports activities. Exam stress and sports competitions can increase anxiety levels and it is important to learn how to manage stress early on in life.

During my training to become a Sophrologist I discovered many other fields of application for Sophrology and I developed a close interest in the practice of Sophrology with children and teenagers.

Today I work with many children and teenagers and I’m always amazed when I see all the benefits that Sophrology sessions can bring to these young clients.

By learning very easy techniques, Sophrology helps them to lower stress and anxiety, as well as to deal better with their emotions. These techniques can be very useful, especially in times of exams or challenges at school.

When preparing for exams, for instance, Sophrology helps by reducing muscular tensions and also by supporting concentration and memory. When young people feel tired and overwhelmed they may experience bad quality sleep, tension headaches and lack of concentration, therefore learning to relax and let go can reduce these problems. Sophrology allows young people to feel more confident and approach such challenging situations in a more peaceful way, optimising their chances of success.

During Sophrology sessions, after an in-depth consultation, we discuss and address issues such as optimising concentration, sleeping better, increasing self-confidence, learning how to relax, and how to recuperate in order to recharge and be ready for the challenges ahead!



This is not a comprehensive list of what Sophrology can be useful for, but these are situations where it can be beneficial:

  • Exam preparation (school, music, sports competition, etc)
  • Sleep disorders
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Regain/increase self-confidence
  • Let go of tensions
  • Increase concentration and memory
  • Prepare for a life change (moving, changing class/school/family situations, etc)
  • DYS (dyslexia, dyspraxia, etc)
  • High potential and atypical profiles



Often described as the “dynamic cousin of Mindfulness”, Sophrology is a unique combination of simple therapeutic tools based on breathing, gentle movement and visualisation exercises. Indeed, Sophrology builds on from traditional meditation to offer a set of tools to manage stress and increase confidence in daily life with tangible results within a short time. And in my practice, when working with children and teenagers, I’ve noticed that the use of movements designed at releasing muscular tensions can be incredibly useful for them. Children and teenagers embrace the technique very easily and they often report enjoying the “active” side of this mindful approach. It really helps them let go of the agitation in their mind while leaving them visibly more relaxed after the session.

Sophrology is an easy and fun way for them to learn how to relax, and can also help them to improve sleep and recuperation. The aim of Sophrology is really to learn how to cope better with stress and pressure, and it also increases the ability to focus. And, last but not least, it gives tools on how to accept a difficult situation and step into the future positively, with confidence.



Sophrology is very easy to practise. However, it is important to be well guided into the process, as every individual is different and the Sophrologist will be able to guide each client in a unique way that is tailored to his/her specific needs. In the run-up to a future event, such as preparing for an exam, it is recommended to start the sessions as early as possible: the more the exercises can be repeated, the most effective they will be. You can read more about how to successfully meditate in our article about meditation tips.


Testimonial Emma, 16 years old

“I’m a 16-year-old student; I had heard of Sophrology in France and I was willing to give it to try because I felt I had too many things to think about between home, school, hobbies, friends, revisions and exams, etc…and I was often tired. I started practising Sophrology with Sophie before exams and it helped me to deal with stress and anxiety and it allowed me to stay organised and have time off for myself. I still use the techniques frequently and this experience has been very helpful”.


Do you want to experience Sophrology and see how it can help you? Please email [email protected] to book a consultation.

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