A Quick Guide to Sophrology’s Foundation Exercises

Start your Sophrology journey today with these simple core exercises.

Watch and download the exercises below.



The Tratac – Start each Sophrology practice with this short exercise to increase focus and concentration.

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The Body Scan – All Sophrology exercises are practised in a state of relaxed alertness. The Body Scan helps you connect with your body’s sensations and is the doorway to transforming mind and body.

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Acknowledge and Let Go

The Tension Relax – Learn to deal with stress and tension by taking control of your sensations. Let go of accumulated tension in mind and body through movement.

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The Intentional Breath – Breathing is a tool of transformation. Learn to be more aware of your breath and use it as a way to instantly relax and feel more grounded.

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De-Stress and Recentre

The Pump Standing – A simple and powerful exercise for those who want to let go of tension and don’t necessarily want to sit quietly.

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Free your Mind

The Bubble – The power of visualisation to let go of stress and reframe your experience.

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Connect with Positivity

The Positive Breathing Scan – Connect to pleasant sensations to positively strengthen your awareness.

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