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More energy, better you
Registration opens soon! 

Develop your toolbox of quick and easy 10-minute daily practices to support your mental wellbeing and help transform your sleep.





More energy, better you
Registration opens soon! 

Develop your toolbox of quick and easy 10-minute daily practices to support your mental wellbeing and help transform your sleep.

  • Receive 5-10 minute Sophrology guided practices 
  • Content available for a lifetime
  • Delivered directly to your inbox at 6:30 am daily
  • Access to a supportive Private Facebook Community group where you can ask any questions
  • Receive 5-10 minute Sophrology
    guided practices (including a live with
  • Content available for a lifetime
  • Delivered directly to your
            inbox at 6:30 am
  • Access to a supportive Private Facebook Community group where you can ask any questions



Daily Sophrology practices combining relaxation, breathing, movement and visualisation delivered to your inbox. Unlock the super tools that can help you transform your sleep which you can reuse in your daily life and practice on the go, anywhere and anytime you need them most.

Registration opens soon


Believe you can sleep again


Drift off now


Your body, your ally


Sleep Reset


Be your own sleep expert


Believe you can sleep again


Drift off now


Your body, your ally



Sleep Reset


Be your own sleep expert

This course should be taken as part of a holistic lifestyle of well-being and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.

When was the last time you really had a good night’s rest?

​​Sleep loss triggers our body’s stress response system, which can lead to a rise in the stress hormone, cortisol, which disrupts sleep even more.

It’s a vicious cycle! So, how can you break it?

Research suggests that people who sleep better experience fewer negative emotions and can recover quicker from a stressful event. When we practice Sophrology, we become aware of the present moment, learn to let go of negative thoughts and emotions, learn how to respond to stressful situations and physically relax both body and mind, which is the key to restful sleep.


Why should you join our Sleep like a Pro series?

It’s important to introduce healthy sleep hygiene techniques into your daily routine to keep stress levels down and ensure you get a good night’s rest. The mind and body do carry the capacity to sleep, even if they seem to have forgotten how. It just takes consistency in the message we send them and a few key lifestyle changes. Restful sleep is not that far away with Sophrology.

Here are some benefits of joining our Sleep like a pro online series:

  • Positively reprogramme your body and mind for sleep.
  • Be able to tune into the present and stop worrying about what’s next.
  • Learn how to be the gatekeeper of your peaceful sleeping state.
  • Helps you to let go of stress and become immune to stressful thinking, helping you to drift off easier.
  • Identify and let go of what causes your stress to be able to enter a relaxed state of mind.
  • Build healthy sleeping habits into your nighttime routine and be better equipped to fall asleep.
  • Help balance body and mind by down-regulating your nervous system.
  • Learn easy-to-do Sophrology exercises that can be reused anytime, anywhere during your year.


Sophrology is a wellbeing practice combining modalities that have been scientifically researched, namely relaxation, breathing, visualisation and movement, and can have a profound impact on the wellbeing of the mind and the body and, therefore your life.

By practising Sophrology regularly, even just 10 minutes a day, you are empowering yourself with the tools to feel calm and grounded even in stressful situations, helping you with anxiety, gaining more restful sleep, and unlocking your inner potential to reach your goals and transform your life one day at a time.


Registration Opens Soon

More Energy, Better You

Believe you can sleep again with Sophrology and become your own sleep expert.



How long is the course?

The course is broken down into 5 sessions of 10-minute daily practices. 

You will receive 10-minute daily Sophrology practice videos which will be sent to your email. 

If you have any problems and do not receive this, please contact us at [email protected].   

How is 10-minutes day of Sophrology effective?

Consistency and repetition are key in Sophrology and when practised just 10-minutes a day each day, your brain is being trained to focus on what’s most important to you and gradually, your mind-body connection is strengthened and you become more aware of your body and emotions. This awareness helps you to tune into your feelings and through Sophrology, you can learn how to control them and be more open up to new perspectives and adapt to challenging situations.


Studies suggest that practising exercises for 10 minutes a day, such as mindfulness, visualisation and introspection, promotes positive neuroplasticity which, after consistent practice, can be used to rewire and restructure your brain in cognitive and emotional processing.


Neuroplasticity refers to your brain’s ability to rewire itself when it recognises the need to change most, which can have profound impacts on your mental wellbeing. When we become aware of our senses and how we feel during our daily practice, we are able to use this self-awareness to successfully navigate through any stressful situations that arise throughout the day.


With regular practice, Sophrology helps you to become more mindful of your needs, limits, strengths and capabilities so that you can create more happiness in your life.

How do I access the videos and daily practices?

You can access the sessions in your BeSophro Courses Platform. To log in, please click here: https://courses.be-sophro.com/login

  • Once you’re at the login page, please type your email and password—these details were sent to you via email when you completed your purchase.
  • If you don’t remember your password, you can click on “forgot password” and the system will send you a reset link email to your inbox. Please make sure to check in all your folders, including your spam folder if it doesn’t arrive within a few minutes.
  • Once you’ve logged in, you can see all your BeSophro courses
  • Click on “View course”. Here you can find the daily practices, simply click on the title of the session to watch the video.

 If you are still unsure, please watch our video tutorial which will show you how to login into your account and access your course.  Click here: https://be-sophro.com/how-to-login-to-course/

You will receive your login credentials when you buy the course and every day, a new practice will be published. We will also alert you when the content becomes available via email.

If you have any problems and do not receive your login details, please contact us at [email protected].

What is the Facebook online course community about?

All students get access to a private Facebook Group where you can ask Dominique and the BeSophro Team any questions you may have and share your experience with like-minded students.

Is Sophrology a therapy?

Sophrology is a self-development method based on a practice for body and mind. Sophrology can bring many benefits to feel calmer, empowered and in control. Sophrology is fully compatible with, and complementary to other approaches but does not replace medical or psychotherapeutic treatment.

Sophrology is not a substitution for medical treatment so you should never stop taking medications without clear approval from your GP.

Can I eat/drink before practicing?

Being able to relax is an important part of the practice; therefore it’s helpful if you aren’t hungry or thirsty. Equally, it’s advisable not to eat or drink too much just before.

Can I pay with Paypal?

Yes, you can pay with PayPal, or with a Debit/Credit Card.

What if I can't stay focused?

Then Sophrology is perfect for you and anyone who struggles with meditative practices! Sophrology offers an easy way to develop focus notably making it accessible through more active standing exercises, which quieten the mind and ground you in your body. For more on this subject see our blog ‘Mindfulness for people who think they can’t meditate”.

What do I need to wear?

Sophrology does not involve active exercise although you are likely to do simple breathing exercises and gentle movements, whilst standing or sitting. There is no need for special clothes we recommend wearing something you are comfortable in.

Why haven't I heard of Sophrology before?

Sophrology is fairly new to the UK and US. It is very well established in many European countries and is now growing in popularity in English speaking countries. If you look in our press section, you will discover it has attracted a lot of attention recently, notably thanks to Dominique’s book, which is the first widely published Sophrology book in the English language.

Do I need to know about meditation or yoga to be able to do the course?

No, the course suits everyone; it is simple and short so people can use the basic tools of Sophrology to manage stress as well as discovering the first step of this unique method.

How does Sophrology compare with other approaches such as yoga etc.?

All approaches offer different benefits and it is for the individual to decide which might suit them best. The power of Sophrology lies in its combined approach – working on body and mind together to reach another level of awareness and wellbeing. Being in a state of dynamic relaxation makes it easier to focus the mind, enabling you to examine your physical and mental being at a profound level. You learn to take responsibility for your own life and health and how to deal with a range of issues and symptoms. Sophrology not only helps people to positively live the present moment but its practice include techniques to helps prepare for the future (including specific events), or overcome tensions from the past. It is an easy to learn method, something you can learn for a lifetime and apply in many situations.
For more information about Sophrology and other therapies, click here.

Am I too ill/ old/ overweight to do Sophrology?

Sophrology is not strenuous and readily suits most people.

Does Sophrology belong to a particular religion or belief?

No, Sophrology is not connected with any religious beliefs. It is a discipline independent of any dogma or doctrine, which was born out of the medical field in Spain. Sophrology supports people in finding more happiness, freedom and responsibility.

What is the Foundation practice of Sophrology?

The Foundation practice of Sophrology is the starting point of the Sophrology programme. It includes simple exercises you will go through in some form or another at the start of whatever Sophrology level you practice. To know more about the 12 Levels of Sophrology, click here. It is the basis on which the whole method is built in its traditional form. You learn to connect with body and mind, relax, discover the 5 systems model (a simple way to map your body), let go of tensions and tune into your positive resources. It is in itself a powerful stress-management practice as well as a basis to practice the whole method. Practically you will learn a unique combination of movement and stillness, standing and sitting exercises, breathing, relaxation, and concentration so you learn to dive into a dynamic relaxation state and start to tune into your resilience, find more balance and happiness.

Who can benefit from Sophrology?

People of all ages, cultures, social levels and religions can benefit from practising Sophrology. Sophrology is a gentle but effective technique to help calm the mind, relax, sleep better, deal with anxiety and stress, prevent burn out or to prepare for important events. Sophrology has been widely practised across Continental Europe for decades in different settings including schools, hospitals and corporate environments and championed by everyone from Olympic athletes to high-flying CEOs!

What is Caycedian Sophrology?

Caycedian Sophrology refers to the practice of the method as laid out by its Founder Professor Alfonso Caycedo who founded Sophrology a new discipline and name meaning “study of consciousness in harmony”, in 1960. He was an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the Medical School of Barcelona and a doctor, neurologist and psychiatrist at Barcelona Hospital Clinic. Born in Colombia, Professor Caycedo travelled the world in search for new answers to provide better mental health care; he wanted to find an alternative form of therapy for psychiatric patients to avoid traumatic interventions like electroshock therapy. Professor Caycedo spent his lifetime studying the human consciousness and how it can change its states and development.

In order to bring more harmony, Sophrology works on consciousness using a scientific approach to allow patients to have a better quality of life. Caycedo coined the term Sophrology in 1960 and created the first Sophrology clinic in Madrid in the same year. Consciousness, according to Caycedo, brings together all the elements that make life meaningful.