10 Minutes a Day to
Reach your Goals

Feel more in control with Sophrology

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reach your goals

10 Minutes a Day to Reach your Goals

Feel more in control with Sophrology

Register for our FREE 3-day series

Back by popular demand, our FREE Reach Your Goals 3-day series with qualified Sophrologist, Dominique Antiglio, is now available for you to practise anytime, anywhere!

Discover the transformative power of Sophrology – a dynamic practice combining breathwork, movement and visualisation that empowers you to take back control of your life, manage stress and confidently reach your goals.

Learn how to calm and ground your body and mind to find focus and clarity on your intentions and goals that will help guide you to reach your full potential.

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Why should you join?

Learn the super tools that can be applied to every situation in your daily life such as when you feel stressed and anxious, lacking in confidence or when you want to feel more empowered. They are perfect to practice on the go, anywhere and anytime you need them most.

How does this work?

Over the 3 days, you will receive a daily 10-minute practice video sent directly to your inbox.

When you sign up for this free series, you will also receive exclusive access to a private Facebook group where you can share and ask any questions you may have about the practice.


 “Oh my! Thank you so much Dominique for the learning and to the BeSophro community for the support. An unexpected by-product of the relaxation gained through the practice has been to gain clarity on a goal and identify additional resources to reach it. A-ma-zing!”

Patricia Kerbellec

“Thank you Dominique!!! This series is so helpful! I realise how nice it is to be connected to my inner self every day, even for 10 minutes! It gives me purpose…”

Anne-Valery Reignier

“A mindfulness meditation technique that involves movement and visualisation. It is so much more engaging and easier for novices than sitting to try to mindfully meditate. It is very empowering and uplifting, creating a good sense of purpose and positivity. Visualisations, such as putting worries etc. in a bag and punching the bag, are extremely powerful. “



What is Sophrology?

Sophrology is a mental wellbeing practice combining modalities that have been scientifically researched namely relaxation, breathing, visualisation and movement, and can have a profound impact on the well-being of the mind and the body and therefore your life.

How is 10-minutes day of Sophrology effective?

Consistency and repetition are key in Sophrology and when practised just 10-minutes a day each day, your brain is being trained to focus on what’s most important to you and gradually, your mind-body connection is strengthened and you become more aware of your body and emotions. This awareness helps you to tune into your feelings and through Sophrology, you can learn how to control them and be more open up to new perspectives and adapt to challenging situations.


Studies suggest that practising exercises for 10 minutes a day, such as mindfulness, visualisation and introspection, promotes positive neuroplasticity which, after consistent practice, can be used to rewire and restructure your brain in cognitive and emotional processing.


Neuroplasticity refers to your brain’s ability to rewire itself when it recognises the need to change most, which can have profound impacts on your mental wellbeing. When we become aware of our senses and how we feel during our daily practice, we are able to use this self-awareness to successfully navigate through any stressful situations that arise throughout the day.


With regular practice, Sophrology helps you to become more mindful of your needs, limits, strengths and capabilities so that you can create more happiness in your life.

How do I access the videos and daily practices?

You will receive an email every day with a link to watch the practice. If you have any problems and do not receive this email, please contact us at [email protected].

Who can benefit from Sophrology?

The whole family! People of all ages, cultures and backgrounds can benefit from practising Sophrology. Sophrology is a gentle but effective technique that can help to calm the mind, relax, sleep better, deal with anxiety and stress, prevent burn out or to prepare for important events. Sophrology has been widely practised across Continental Europe for decades in different settings including schools, hospitals and corporate environments and championed by everyone from Olympic athletes to high-flying CEOs!

Is Sophrology a therapy?

Sophrology is a self-development method based on a practice for body and mind. Sophrology can bring many benefits to feel calmer, empowered and in control. Sophrology is fully compatible with, and complementary to other approaches but does not replace medical or psychotherapeutic treatment.

Sophrology is not a substitution for medical treatment so you should never stop taking medications without clear approval from your GP.

How does Sophrology compare with other approaches such as yoga etc.?

All approaches offer different benefits and it is for the individual to decide which might suit them best. The power of Sophrology lies in its combined approach – working on body and mind together to reach another level of awareness and wellbeing. Being in a state of dynamic relaxation makes it easier to focus the mind, enabling you to examine your physical and mental being at a profound level. You learn to take responsibility for your own life and health and how to deal with a range of issues and symptoms. Sophrology not only helps people to positively live the present moment but its practice include techniques to helps prepare for the future (including specific events), or overcome tensions from the past. It is an easy to learn method, something you can learn for a lifetime and apply in many situations.
For more information about Sophrology and other therapies, click here.

What is the Facebook online course community about?

All participants can get access to a private Facebook Group where you can ask Dominique and the BeSophro Team any questions you may have and share your experience with like-minded students. Of course, it’s not mandatory to join the Facebook group.

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