Sleep Like a Pro – More Energy, Better You

Sleep Like a Pro
More Energy, Better You

10 minutes to Empowered Living with Sophrology

When was the last time you had a good night’s rest?

Join us on 14th November 2022 as we unlock the power of Sophrology to transform our sleeping habits, learn how to sleep like a pro and feel more energised throughout the day. 

Learn How To Sleep Like a Pro

Simple 10-min practices combining relaxation, breathing, movement and visualisation.

14th – 18nd of November 2022

Develop your toolbox of quick and easy 10-minute daily practices to help you identify, acknowledge and transform what holds you back from restful sleep so you can regain control over your sleep quality and energy levels throughout the day. With Sophrologist and Best-selling Author Dominique Antiglio.

What will you get for just £12?

  • Receive 5-10 minute Sophrology guided practices (including a live with Dominique), combining relaxation, breathing, movement and visualisation
  • Delivered directly to your inbox at 6:30 am BST daily
  • Access to a supportive Private Facebook Community group where you can ask any questions
  • Content available for 2 weeks

Daily Topics: 

  • DAY 1: Believe you can sleep again
  • DAY 2: Drift off now
  • DAY 3: Your body, your ally
  • DAY 4: Sleep Reset
  • DAY 5: Be your own sleep expert. A live practice!

10-Minute Daily Empowerment