Dominique’s interview with Hannah Flores in the podcast The Authentic Marketing Show

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Listen to Dominique Antiglio’s interview with Hannah Flores in her podcast The Authentic Marketing Show, she explains how Sophrology works, her journey expanding the method in the English speaking world and how you can use it to manage stress, improve your sleep, prepare for events, boost your confidence, and positively transform your daily life. Listen to the episode here 

The Authentic Marketing Show, is the show for entrepreneurs in the health & wellness space who want to grow their business online whilst remaining true to their values. 

Thank you, Hannah, for having us on your show and for supporting to spread the Life-Changing Power of Sophrology.

Our Sleep Like a Pro 5-day online course is just £12 and you will discover simple techniques to learn how to let go of any stress and tension that will help you sleep quickly and soundly through the night. Sophrology can be introduced to your bedtime routine with just 10-minute practices per day to prepare you for deep sleep and support your overall health. 


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