America, are you ready for Sophrology?

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Sophrology is a unique combination of relaxation, breathing, movement and visualisation, allowing people to tap into their inner resources. Sophrology offers an easy and efficient way to live in the present moment and to prepare for the future using the awareness of your body to reach your full potential. In today’s society where everybody has limited spare time but also an increasing need to manage stress levels, Sophrology offers a relaxation technique that requires only a few minutes a day to practice and that is easy to fit into your schedule.

Learning the technique is straightforward and you can access it through the book The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology, available on and in store at Barnes & Noble. The book also contains guided audio exercises which you can practice anywhere and any time. Embrace the practice of Sophrology to transform your life and become the best version of yourself! Ahead of the launch of the book in the US BeSophro Founder and world-renowned Sophrologist Dominique Antiglio filmed this short video for our friends at New World Library (US book publisher).


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