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BeSophro “In Conversation” with Samantha Clarke Founder of Love or Leave it.

15 Jul 2020
20:00 - 20:25

At BeSophro we are extremely excited and honoured to launch the BeSophro “In Conversation” series, a series of Instagram Live encounters @besophrolondon.

I, Dominique,  became a Sophrologist because I love people, I love listening to their stories and always feel honoured when they share them with me. I love witnessing and supporting human beings on their journey with themselves and in the world. I learn from them, I grow thanks to them and most importantly I get inspired and I hope you will be too!

“In Conversation” is an opportunity to meet and learn from someone through an authentic and supportive conversation about life, work, health and values, and everything experienced along the way. It will include tips and expert advice to inspire your journey and maintain your balance.

Our first guest is Samantha Clarke Founder of Love or Leave it. Sam is a happiness consultant and author of Love It or Leave It – How to be Happy at work (available on Amazon).

I met her years ago at an event and we became friends. I have since witnessed her hard work, passion and success in supporting and advising individuals and company HRs, leaders and managers to create initiatives that inspire better conversations around personal career growth, happiness and wellbeing at work. Her clients include LVMH, NHS, Nespresso, Virgin and many more, Sam is also a faculty lecturer at The School of Life and The Guardian Masterclasses. She is on a mission to help individuals decide whether to LOVE IT or LEAVE IT and get to the crux of what it means to work and live with real meaning, purpose and intention, something we totally resonate with at BeSophro and we can’t wait to hear more about!

Join Sam and I on Wednesday 15th July at 8 pm BST for Episode #1 How TO BE HAPPY AT WORK. There will be a chance to ask her questions and we will end the evening with a short Sophrology practice. Join us on Instagram at @besophrolondon

See you very soon!

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