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BeSophro Community Practice – “Sleep Well, Live Well”

Fee:Free for community members
16 Sep 2020
10:15 - 10:45

Besophro Sophrology Community Event

“Sleep Well, Live Well” Live Community Practice

Our next live BeSophro community practice will be about learning the tools of Sophrology to access to restful sleep. Sophrology is a very powerful practice for everyone, whether you have trouble sleeping or simply care about maintaining a balanced lifestyle, a regular Sophrology practice can help you to:

  • Be at peace with your sleep patterns
  • Think about sleep positively, looking forward to enjoying your nights again
  • Learn how to calm and relax your body simultaneously
  • Learn simple tools to implement in your routine to sleep better
  • Regain energy for your daily challenges!

Join me on Wednesday, 16th, September, 10:15- 10:45 am: This is a session not to be missed!

Be part of our private Besophro Sophrology Community group by joining our online course or taking part in our Sophrology Challenges.

The community group is for anyone who has signed up for our online Course Relax, Reset and Overcome Stress, or have done a Sophrology challenge. It’s a place to regularly practice Sophrology and meet people who are also on the Sophrology journey. 


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