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Sleep Deeply with Sophrology – Webinar with Dominique Antiglio

27 Mar 2020
20:00 - 21:00

Watch our FREE Webinar Sleep Deeply with Sophrology!

Dominique Antiglio, Sophrologist and best-selling Author, will be hosting a FREE webinar this Tuesday 30th June at 8 pm BST (UK time) entitled Sleep Deeply with Sophrology”  

Sleep is essential for so many aspects of our physical and mental health. We all know how difficult life can be when we’re not sleeping well.  Poor sleep can have a negative impact on energy levels, mood, performance and enjoyment of life.

Sophrology is a dynamic relaxation technique to access an instant state of calm that is ideal for inducing and regulating sleep. The practice has long been recognised throughout Continental Europe as a tool to access restful sleep and is notably used in hospitals and sleep centres in France often alongside medical treatments for insomnia.

Through this FREE 40 minute webinar, Dominique Antiglio will introduce you to the practice of Sophrology and guide you through the simple but highly effective exercises that she was taught by the Founder of Sophrology, Professor Alfonso Caycedo. She has years of experience in helping clients to find their sleep again and transforming their life in the process and is looking forward to helping you too!

Please join us to learn and experience the life-changing power of Sophrology – register here


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