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BeSophro offers sessions for all types of groups, whether you’re interested in a taster or regular session, or have focused needs; from schools to sports, to new mothers or women preparing for birth, healthcare, and charity teams. During these sessions, our Sophrologists teach simple empowerment techniques that you can immediately incorporate into your daily routine. Get in touch to tell us about your group’s needs so we can provide you with the best possible solution.

Sophrology should be made a part of any company’s learning and development strategy. Less anxious/stressed employees will mean a happier employer.

Boisterous and energetic students were able to relax and focus their attention on an activity many found strange and alien….at first! The Taster day proved to be a huge success with students reporting that they felt more calm and confident. Overall, Dominique has a clear and concise manner to her delivery and is highly professional. Highly recommended!

Thank you so much for a wonderfully calming and productive session. I’ve been dabbling in meditation now for a while and that’s by far the most I’ve ever got out of a session.

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Invest in your greatest asset, the wellbeing of your employees

Sophrology provides empowering tools to help with modern issues of corporate lifestyles and pressure, like stress-management, productivity and focus, prevention of burnout, confidence building and so much more. It’s a toolkit for busy, fast-paced lives with short guided exercises that can be done anytime, anywhere, to bring positive changes to individuals and group dynamics.

L’approche de BeSophro est très pratique, ce qui permet à votre entreprise d’apprendre des strategies de bien-être qui peuvent être mises en place immédiatement.

Voici quelque uns des domaines dans lesquels BeSophro peut aider vos employés:

  • Augmenter le bien-être
  • Apprendre à se relaxer, calmer son esprit sur le lieu de travail
  • Devenir plus centré
  • Aider à un sommeil réparateur
  • Etre plus centré et productif
  • Gestion du stress – comment gérer positivement le stress
  • Prévenir le burn-out et les autres symptômes liés au stress
  • Promouvoir la conscience de soi et la communication positive
  • Améliorer la confiance en soi (de manière générale ou pour quelque chose de plus spécifique comme faire une présentation)
  • Développer la motivation et la créativité
  • Atteindre un meilleure équilibre vie professionnelle- vie personnelle
  • Accélérer le développement personnel
  • Inclure la Sophrologie dans la vie quotidienne

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