Stress less. Embrace a Calmer You

Stress less. Embrace a Calmer You.

10 minutes to Empowered Living with Sophrology

Simple 10-min practices combining relaxation, breathing, movement and visualisation.
From 17th – 21st October 2022

Did you know that one in 14 UK adults (7%) feel stressed every single day?

This 10-mins to Empowered Living course is your chance to learn how to make your mind your best ally and see things differently.

In a world in constant change, our pace of life, schedules and responsibilities can feel overwhelming. This can leave us feel exhausted, unbalanced emotionally or unable to find a sense of calm in our lives. Using the unique practices of Sophrology, this course will show you a simple and practical way to quickly regain and maintain a sense of calm in mind and body.

Develop your toolbox of quick and easy 10-minute daily practices to help you identify and acknowledge how you can be in control of your stress and project yourself positively. With Sophrologist and Best-selling Author Dominique Antiglio.

What will you get for just £12?


  • Receive 5 x 10-minute Sophrology guided practices (including a live session with Dominique), combining relaxation, breathing, movement and visualisation.
  • Delivered directly to your inbox at 6:30 am BST daily.
  • Access to a supportive Private Facebook Community group where you can ask any questions.
    Content available for 2 weeks.


Daily Topics: 

  • DAY 1: Breathe to Instant Calm
  • DAY 2: Anchor Calm in Your Body
  • DAY 3: Channel your Emotions
  • DAY 4: Focus on what truly matters
  • DAY 5: Project yourself positively! A live practice.Find out more and register here:
10-Minute Daily Empowerment