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“This dynamic form of meditation promises to bring a sense of relief in the midst of the pandemic.”

“I had some online sessions with Dominique, who first took me through some exercises to focus my mind before getting me to concentrate on my body and visualising current life goals. She took a recording of the exercises and I have been practising them for 15 minutes a day since. The results? I feel more centred, less freaked out by my to-do list and more creative.”

“The techniques take just a few minutes but practising for 10 minutes a day can have much more profound effects.”

“Sophrology addresses the emotional issues that keep you from sleeping well, leaving you feeling less burdened.”

“Sophrology has led to a greater understanding of what’s driving my anxiety and helped me turn negative thoughts into positive ones.”

“While many people try and fail to reap the benefits of meditative practices, taking up Sophrology could be the key to unlocking your mind’s potential.”

“Dominique Antiglio, Sophrologist at BeSophro clinics and author of best-selling book “The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology”, was instrumental in sharing the concept with the British public to help support mental health, anxiety, fear, stress and sleep issues.”

“The superpower we all need to tap into right now”

“Our bodies and minds are currently on a runaway train of digital stimulation at a time when many of us are suffering from the fallout of Covid-19. With so much confusion and fear, sophrology could well be the answer to bringing us back to the greatest, most empowering device we own – ourselves.”

“The next big trend in health and wellness is said to be Sophrology. It’s fascinating…I’m interested to know more.”

“I like Antiglio. She is a calming presence…. The practice has a growing army of fans, including the French tennis player Yannick Noah, the France rugby union team and the businesswoman Arianna Huffington.”

“Try this European mindfulness activity and bring more happiness into your life. Dominique Antiglio is leading the spread of the movement.”

“You’ve heard of mindfulness, now meet its dynamic young cousin sophrology.”

“There’s a new technique on the block that promises to take both your meditation and wellbeing to the next level: sophrology. Trust us, soon you’ll be seeing it everywhere. But this isn’t just another fad. Sophrology is something that you can learn quite quickly, and in a way that will have a lasting effect. The science is there. This is one wellness trend we’ll be watching.”

“The technique uses mental and physical exercises to try to achieve an alert mind in a relaxed body. Its values are outlined in The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology by Dominique Antiglio, who is one of the UK’s leading sophrologists, and it comes with audio sessions that you can follow on a daily basis. When I’m listening to Dominique’s audio, this [distraction] stops. And that effect extends to my home life. I feel fulfilled and present in a way that is really unusual for me. It makes me feel calmer and more productive. Miraculously, [my] headache disappears. I feel light and full of energy. After a week of sophrology – and for the first time in my life – I get to that place where I am the passive observer of my thoughts. As a result, I feel a new and genuine sense of calm.”

“It seems to chime perfectly with the current obsession with mindfulness and meditation. [Dominique Antiglio] has a lovely way of phrasing the challenges of modern life. At the end of the session I feel physically looser, like I’d just had a mini-massage.”

“Sophrology looks set to be the next buzzword answer to all our problems.”

“Want to feel calmer and more grounded? Or perhaps you’d like the confidence to pursue a life-long dream? Move over mindfulness – a new self-development technique is here.”

“Sophrology is set to be the next Big Wellness Trend. If it’s used effectively by everyone from women in labour to Olympic athletes, it can only be a matter of time before sophrology enters our wellness lexicon.”

“Sophrology is the latest wellness trend busting your stress one breathing technique at A time. Sophrology is big news in the wellness world.”

“If your stress levels are still through the roof and none of the above are for you, then there’s another new wellness trend on the block that might just be what you’re looking for. We’re talking about Sophrology. Sophrology is most definitely something you can practice day to day in your own time, with your own schedule and direction.”

“We’re so hyped about sophrology right now. A buzzword set to dominate 2018, sophrology is a mind calming technique hailing from Europe that has impressive backing. Just engaging with the practice at all will reap rewards if you’re in dire need of relaxation or stress management.”

“One of the main challenges people find with meditation is that it’s hard to find the peace and quiet, or focus, to practice regularly. Sophrology is a more dynamic form of meditation, which allows you to you practice in a more flexible way than traditional meditation.”

“Sophrology is a tool for stress management, wellbeing, and self-discovery. It’s a practice for the body and mind that blends Eastern philosophies with Western science using breathing, relaxation, meditation and visualisation techniques to help us quiet the mind, ground ourselves in the body and build resilience to positively deal with life’s events.”

“We asked Dominique some questions about sophrology and why we ought to be paying it some attention if we’re looking for a great tool for stress-management and positivity in our lives.”

“EVER heard of sophrology? If the answer is no, then you’re probably a Brit, because in France, Switzerland, Spain and Belgium, it’s a big thing.

Billed as a ‘dynamic relaxation, stress-management technique’, it’s used by everyone from media mogul Arianna Huffington to the French rugby team.”

“The ultimate mindfulness method: Sophrology”

“Consider me converted.”

“I was under a lot of pressure at work. I felt unwell with a tight chest and high heart beat. Working with Dominique I already started to feel a difference after 3-4 sessions. My breathing started to be more calm and my body was more relaxed before going to work. I recommend anyone with similar problems to give it a try.”

Our wonderful clients

BeSophro and Sophrology – Changing lives

I never expected to find Sophrology so effective. Its deeply empowering and immediate. After just one session I felt lighter, more awake and less stressed. Stress comes with my job and this is the best way I’ve found to manage it, and take back control. I now use the skills I’ve learned before big presentations and meetings, or just when I feel overwhelmed. It’s been a real game-changer in my everyday life.

I wanted to say thank you so much for your stress course which honestly could not have arrived in my inbox at a better time. Stress is one of my main problems. I knew this but I have never been able to find anything that helps me. And now just over a month later my body and mind feel calm. I try to practice everyday and I haven’t got a clue why it’s helped me when nothing else has but it definitely has. My problems haven’t changed but the way I react to them has. Thank you so much!

“Dominique kindly delivered a Sophrology session in support of DCMS’ Mental Health Awareness Week events organised by the department’s Mental Health & Wellbeing Network. Dominique’s willingness to give her time and share her knowledge and experience was greatly appreciated along with her flexibility to deliver the session virtually due to lockdown. A compassionate, approachable and calming presence, Dominique led us through a series of useful mental and physical exercises designed to help us relax and deal with the stresses of modern life. The session was very well received and provided a wonderful and relaxing start to the day.”

“I really enjoyed Sophrology, usually I can’t keep my mind free from distractions but I found this guided technique let me focus.”

“I first discovered Dominique early this year, as we developed a wellbeing lifestyle series for the start up brand Duolab. We wanted to highlight the importance of holistic wellbeing and self care, and practice this belief with our amazing team of brand ambassadors. As lockdown hit we asked Dominique to help us provide self coping tools and mechanisms to our ambassadors, many of whom were self employed, self starters and entrepreneurs and didn’t have support structures in place to guide them in an incredibly challenging time. Dominique was incredible, she is the ultimate professional, calm, considered, warm and reassuring, every professional word she uttered resonated with us and we all felt personally reassured as she delivered her sessions. I would highly recommend Dominique, her in depth understanding of Sophrology and how the technique can help us to overcome life’s anxieties (however they may manifest) and regain positive focus, self help and progressive personal development.”

“Dominique led a Sophrology session as part of a virtual wellbeing day we were running and it was an incredible experience. The feedback from the participants was that it was calming, peaceful and relaxing. The aim of the session was to help you learn how to bring your mind and body into a more peaceful, empowered and positive state, whenever you need it the most and it most certainly did that. Would highly recommend Dominque!”

“Sophie began by introducing us to Sophrology and then taught us very simple, but at the same time, very powerful exercises. We did a body scan which revealed that most of us lacked grounding and were too much in our heads. The bubble visualisation from the meditation portion of the session entered our team’s vocabulary for good and some of my agents googled the dynamic relaxation to follow on their own. What must be said is that we all felt relieved, a lot of stress was released and we were all so positively tired that we fell soundly asleep that night and woke up fully relaxed the next day. Thank you Sophie for sharing with us your experience and those tools!”

“I really do appreciate practising Dominique’s series of “10 Minutes to Empower Living” because the format is very clever/adapted to the rhythm of my daily life and I love the fact that I just need this small amount of time of practice to really be able to bring peace to my body and mind. Thank you Dominique for having created this super efficient and really precious practice!

I really enjoyed being introduced to a new way of thinking and really enjoy the guided meditation at the end. I am now eager to find out more about Sophrology.”

Like Facial Yoga – relieved stress held in my face from looking at screens.”

“Very informative with actionable items to make positive steps to implement.”

“Sophrology has provided me with a structured practice that I can follow every day. Having tried meditation for several years I found that my mind often wanders off and it did not really work for me. I read Dominique’s book and started to research it further. I decided to do the BeSophro online Sophrology course and it was informative, practical, and instructive which enabled me to get into practice quickly.

I highly recommend it and look forward to getting into the higher levels”

“I really enjoyed spending two hours with Dominique and a small group on a Saturday afternoon. Dominique really is a calming presence. With a few mental and physical exercises explained by Dominique, I could get much calmer and relax very quickly. It seems your brain suddenly clears up. The effectiveness of the breathing exercises is very impressive and so encouraging. It is such a nice feeling to escape from the daily stress thanks to the techniques taught. I will definitely have some individual sessions with Dominique to try and incorporate the practise of sophrology into my daily routine”.

“Many years of too much stress and unbalanced lifestyle had left me completely burnt out. I tried different things and my GP suggested Sophrology. I asked Sophie if we could do some 1 to 1 sessions to help me get back on track. And it worked! We went step by step, I understood a lot about what went on in my body all these years and each practice I was regaining a bit more energy and also very peaceful. I become more aware of some changes I had to make and it all happened very naturally. I started to sleep better and was able to build projects again. Today I continue practising when I feel the need and it is nice and reassuring to know there are easy solutions for me to turn to when needed.”

“Amazing experience – Sophie was a fantastic presence who instilled a sense of calm and relaxation across the whole group. I will definitely include the movements throughout my life and will explore Sophrology further.”

“Recommended reading – and it comes with downloads too! You cannot help being motivated and inspired by Dominique and her passion for Sophrology and what it stands for.”

“I know after having a group session with Dominique that Sophrology and the exercises Dominique shared in this article will help still a restless mind bringing you into a state of inner stillness. Once you have connected with this inner stillness you feel less anxious. After coming out of the session I know I felt more connected to my ‘self’ and my body. I sometimes catch myself carrying my body around and being disconnected to body and mind. I can say yes confidence is a lifelong process and meditation techniques such as Sophrology can help to bring awareness into the body and support you and how you step into the world. Thank you for the opportunity to experience your work.”

“I thought it was lovely. Dominique has a very nice energy about her and you feel very comfortable in the room. It was relaxing, mindful and yet had real purpose – I felt good after and I have done the session several times since.”

“Thank you for organising the session for us, it went down really well. We often struggle with getting the numbers for training, but lots of people signed up and even better, everyone who signed up, went! So we were really pleased. I have heard some positive things about how calming Dominique was and how relaxing the session was.”

“Dominique presented an Introduction to Sophrology workshop to members at the Electric House (part of the Soho House group). Throughout the workshop she had the audience members completely engaged and the feedback after the event was completely positive. As for myself, I had the best night’s sleep I’d had in ages thanks to Dominique’s relaxing manner and the Sophrology exercises I practised with her guidance. Would 100% recommend!”

“Dominique ran a wellbeing session for all of the teaching staff on managing stress. The teachers found her Sophrology techniques very beneficial. Dominique encouraged the teachers to talk about the issues that created anxiety and stress in their lives and then gave some practical and meaningful strategies to help to reduce their stress levels. A good number of teachers were also keen to participate in subsequent Sophrology workshops that Dominique ran. I personally found just listening to Dominique’s voice soothing and relaxing!

Dominique also ran a workshop for our older pupils as part of the school’s Wellbeing Week. The session provided the children with some calming strategies and they found it really interesting and helpful. They were able to use some of the Sophrology techniques in the run-up to their Common Entrance exams. The exam results were some of our best ever and stress levels seemed to be less prevalent than usual. A huge number of factors led to this success, notably the children’s hard work and good teaching, but I have no doubt that a greater awareness of their own wellbeing and being equipped with strategies to cope with stress hugely benefited our children.”

“As part of the well-being program spearheaded by our company, The Oblique Life, Dominique and the BeSophro team has been running sophrology sessions for ourselves and the community who we work with at The Hatchery, UCL’s startup incubator.

Since we began working with BeSophro a few months ago, we’ve all noticed subtle yet meaningful changes to our quality of life. Every session has been different, tackling issues faced by many people in the entrepreneurial community, from stress to sleep deprivation.

Each hour we spend with the BeSophro team feels like a respite from our daily issues; the techniques we learn have us leaving the sessions feeling relaxed, while also giving us the tools we need to induce the same state of awareness and well-being when we’re out and about.

Sophrology has increased our levels of confidence, adaptability, and happiness- we’re incredibly grateful to Dominique and her colleagues and can’t wait to continue working with her throughout 2019!”

“It has been brilliant to receive Dominique’s visit at work every week and create space to relax, listen to our bodies and visualise positive outcomes. I have really enjoyed learning a new skill with other people and being able to practise at work and outside work. I have seen real benefits from feeling more present to sleeping better. I would definitely recommend Sophrology classes with Dominique to any business.”

“As a CEO in the prime of my career, the idea of finding calm in the day despite adversity is one of the hardest skills to master, I wish that Harvard Business School had taught me this as a key part of my MBA as it’s crucial for peak performance! Thank God for Dominique Antiglio, BeSophro and Sophrology for providing a clear solution and selection of super tools to allow me to be the best version of myself both professionally and personally.”

“He turned from his breech position into head down a few days after my session with you Dominique so maybe it‘s you I have to thank for my natural birth.

I would like to thank you for everything that you have done, for making me feel less anxious and for giving me positivity throughout this pregnancy. I really am very grateful”

“Around six months ago, as a mother (of two teens and a pre-teen) training for a new career, I was feeling an inexorably rising level of stress that was compounded by the sense that there was little I could do to remedy the situation… This is when I met Dominique and, session after session, I have felt a growing sense of calm and feeling more in tune with my emotions. After each session, the sense of well being and (reactivated) energy lasted for days. Sophrology has boosted my level of confidence, harmony and trust in my projects to come. Finally, I even suggested a session to my 15 year old son to help him with his tennis performance! Not only did he try it but also found it extremely helpful!”

“Dominique has given me some excellent strategies for dealing with a very busy and sometimes stressful business life. My first session with Dominique made me feel more relaxed than I can remember feeling in a very long time.”

“By the end of last year I felt mentally exhausted and completely run down. Then I heard of Sophrology and decided to try it. Dominique is a fantastic therapist and a genuine caring professional. I was in expert hands from the very beginning. I am now ready to face anything that comes my way.”

“I have seen Dominique for 5 sessions for help with post traumatic stress symptoms following a long term illness. The relaxation exercises and visualisations were easy, yet I feel they have had quite a profound effect, on both a physical and an emotional level. I already feel calmer and more positive about the future. Dominique is very knowledgeable, warm and friendly and the sessions are very relaxed. I look forward to continuing working with her.”

“You helped my mummy be in the best frame of mind for my birth and whilst it wasn’t easy arriving into this world, she was able to deal with all the challenges and remain strong throughout. Thank you for helping her tap into this within herself and for all the amazing work you do for other small people like me so they in turn can have the best start…”

“A friend recommended a Sophrology workshop organized by Dominique. I was surprised to feel the benefits so soon and so clearly: less stress, much more energy and generally more well-being. Last year, when I started to experience huge anxiety and burn out, I turned to Sophrology again. I was off work, couldn’t sleep, and having panic attacks. In only a few sessions, I started to sleep again, and the panic attacks became less frequent and then disappeared. Sophrology is a very gentle and non-intrusive approach. It helped me get rid of my symptoms, understand why I felt bad and taught me not to be a victim. They are personalized and simple tools that can be practiced alone. With regular practice one can feel increasing benefits. I am finally seeing the end of the tunnel, and I am infinitely grateful to Dominique. Without her and Sophrology I don’t know where I would be today.”

“In a few sessions, I learned how to relax and reprogram myself to be calm and confident again. I had always been terrified to give birth but thanks to the work done with Dominique, I awaited this moment with serenity and my labour went really well. I will always have a very good memory of giving birth. Sophrology also helps recuperation–this is very useful to compensate for the lack of sleep in those first months.”

“I would highly recommend a BeSophro session with Dominique. Her voice is so calm and the sensations she enables within you are magical – a must for everyone to experience.”

“I used to really worry, over-think and be stressed about exams and work. This could often lead to nausea and an inability to focus on anything else but the problem or anxiety I was confronted with. With Dominique I learnt to control my nerves and centre myself. Now instead of feeling dizzy from worrying about everything, I feel more whole as a person and far more confident. It really is amazing how Sophrology can change the way you think and feel and encourage you to take a more relaxed approach. I’m currently studying at university and I have no doubt that Sophrology will enable me to be more efficient and less stressed. I highly recommend these sessions – they really work!”

“Until I met Dominique, I never really knew what Sophrology was, I was always stressed with the ups and downs of London and was finding it difficult to cope. Dominique introduced me to Sophrology and it all seemed to go away. After each session, I found myself moving forward, the stress slowly slipping away. The techniques I learnt were great and I still use them today. Dominique’s expertise and passion for Sophrology were definitely elements that helped me. I would definitely recommend BeSophro.”

“It was an experience that has helped me significantly through a very transformative time and supported me in finding a more balanced centre to ground myself in, and a more focused direction to move myself towards.”

“Dominique is a skilled and experienced practitioner with a wealth of knowledge of Sophrology and its therapeutic qualities, rare to be found in the UK complementary health industry. I recommend anyone interested in a different approach to body-mind work should contact Dominique.”

“Dominique has a wonderful way of describing simply and clearly what to do and what is happening at all stages of her guided sessions. She is a clear expression of what she is guiding others to be. Thank you Dominique. I will be returning to explore the full richness of Sophrology.”

I have been practising Sophrology for eight years and I have been enjoying every minute of it. Recently I broke a leg and I found that Sophrology was incredibly helpful to prepare for surgery, deal with pain and make sure I had a smooth recovery. I did understand the concept of accessing your inner resources on an intellectual level but seeing that take shape in a real case scenario was illuminating. My brain would come up with ideas to help me deal with swelling in the leg, reducing pain and generally cope with the injury from walking with crutches to trusting my body to do its best to heal itself up.

If you have never tried Sophrology I would say to give it a go and as they say in theatre, “break a leg!”.

“I attended the five week Sophrology course and learnt many new techniques for relaxation and stress relief which I am using on a daily basis. The techniques are very easy to learn and very effective and some of them can be utilised anywhere. Dominique is a very good teacher and her calm demeanour and clear explanations made a really interesting and relaxing class. I definitely recommend trying out Sophrology with Dominique.”

“I invited Dominique to Richmond-upon-Thames College last year and due to the success of the Taster day I invited her back in 2015. The goal of the session was to introduce 16-18 year old students to the beliefs and practice involved in Sophrology. Though apprehensive at first, all students began to let ‘themselves go’ through the breathing and visualisation techniques. Dominique was able to guide them through the process with amazing results. Boisterous and energetic students were able to relax and focus their attention on an activity many found strange and alien….at first!

The Taster day proved to be a huge success with students reporting that they felt more calm and confident. In addition, the theoretical background provided by Dominique enabled the students to develop a more academic appreciation of the beliefs involved. This will prove useful when answering their exam questions in the summer on spiritual belief in society. Overall, Dominique has a clear and concise manner to her delivery and is highly professional. Highly recommended! Thanks again Team Sophrology.”

“Sophrology should be made a part of any company’s learning and development strategy. Less anxious/stressed employees will mean a happier employer. Dominique is a star and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”

“I have attended group classes as well as one-to-one sophrology sessions with Dominique and I find the approach a powerful way to relax and de-stress. Dominique is a very experienced teacher and a very thoughtful facilitator. She has a lovely manner and listens to your specific goals and then tailors the practice to meet your individual needs. I had not heard of sophrology before meeting Dominique but having tried it, I now consider it a wonderful method to help anyone navigate life’s challenges. I highly recommend Dominique and I’m confident that attending one of her sessions will leave you feeling relaxed, inspired and wanting to learn more.”

“I thank you very much because Sophrology has helped me in let go and learning to follow my deepest desires.”

“I find too that how ever often you repeat the practices it is always different and there is always more to learn…and I need to remind myself how important it is to make time to practice. I’m particularly looking forward to using the recordings as 10 mins or so is easier to fit into the mornings”

“Thank you so much for a wonderfully calming and productive session.I’ve been dabbling in meditation now for a while and that’s by far the most I’ve ever got out of a session. Yumi and I came out of your office feeling incredibly calm, relaxed and positive.We’ll be coming back even though it’s quite a long journey for us, the benefits far outweigh the effort of getting there.”

“Angelique and Dominique are a powerful duo and work together in perfect synergy. The combination of expertise in Nutrition and Sophrology gave me a much deeper and more rounded understanding of the impacts of stress on my mind and body. Plus they gave me practical tools to help me take charge. It was an incredibly useful workshop which I’d recommend to anyone.”

“It has helped me fall asleep quicker. After the class I feel calmer, positive and awake and sometimes really pro-active.”

Book Reviews

The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology

I wanted to thank you, Dominique, for your presence during this difficult year. I went to my favourite bookshop in Crouch End with a friend of mine and I felt attracted to your book. I read it and since January 2020 I have been practising your exercises. My favourite one is the “vital power” exercise, I’ve really enjoyed it since the first time I practised it. I must admit I haven’t done my practice everyday, but whenever I did it was a gift for me.

“I didn’t have much of an idea of what Sophrology was, apart from that it is the method my father used about 20 years ago to quit smoking.

The truth is that this book has surprised me. It is written in a very close, clear and simple way, it explains what Sophrology is, and proposes a series of exercises that if you have a little patience to put into practice, you see the results very soon. It uses breathing techniques, mental consciousness and physical awareness to subtly carry out the mind to states of placidity, serenity and connection with the present moment.

Without a doubt I recommend it. If you dare to spend a little time putting into practice what Dominique proposes, you start creating more space in the present. In this state of presence, you do not lose yourself in fear of the future for what may happen or in the past for what has happened. It is what we could define as happiness, a state of acceptance of the present moment.”

“The simplest, most natural way of calming and focussing our lives lies in front of our noses, breathing. This book will transform all our lives if we follow its helpful suggestions.”

“I enjoyed reading about the experiences of others in practicing Sophrology. It was enlightening on the many way Sophrology can help me to manage stress and everyday life. I would recommend this to everyone.”

“The impact Dominique Antiglio’s knowledge, expertises, life experience and compassion, all of which can be experienced through reading The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology, have literally been life changing. I can not recommend this book enough!!”

“Amazing tool for a daily personal work to improve your quality of live and manage all sort of difficult situations in a very practical approach.
A very well thought book, to help you learn more about yourself and break old patterns helping you to improve your live.
Love it!”

“This book is a wonderful introduction to Sophrology. I had the privilege of attending one of Dominique’s workshops and they are fantastic. This book encapsulates her teachings and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in managing stress in their lives. Sophrology brings a new perspective on how to manage life. The exercises are simple to incorporate into one’s life and the positive effects can be felt immediately. A welcome addition to the study of mind, body and consciousness using an approach which is accessible to anyone.”

“Dominique has managed to explain the history, the benefits and the ease of practice in a simplistic style, quite an achievement. I began to ‘check in’ to my breathing and body changes straight away and I really hope to encourage my teenage daughter to start using these wonderful techniques to enable her to cope with the strains of teenage life.”

“Prior to reading this book, I was unfamiliar with Sophrology….though I was familiar with the stress of trying to fit too many tasks into each day, often feeling overwhelmed and rarely making time for myself. In the past, I managed a busy schedule with yoga classes and training sessions, but having a less time-intensive way to tune into myself and make time to reconnect to my calm better suits my present lifestyle. That is precisely why I’ve found Dominique’s book helpful — it gives you the tools to practice Sophrology anytime, anywhere; and gives you the frame-of-mind to approach your day with a positive attitude, as your best self. I would recommend this book and the related practice to anyone who is looking to tackle stress and transition to a happier place.”

“This book powerfully combines breathing and relaxation techniques and will equip you with the right tools to live a more balanced life. Interesting and easy to read, it is a marvelous gift! If you practice the exercises consistently, you’ll discover new ways of seeing and coping with stressful situations, which might be much more productive and fulfilling than the old habitual patterns. Thank you, Dominique, for sharing your experiences and knowledge.”

“I have come across Sophrology in the past but never really understood what it was about. I myself work in personal development and I can say that this book explains in a very simple way what Sophrology is and how you can use it in your daily life. The book gives simple tools that you can start implementing straight away and can practice anywhere in only 10 minutes a day. In the personal development world there are many different approaches. Nowadays we live in a 24/7 society that never switches off and that is where I think the power of this book lies. The simplicity of the tools and the practicality of being able to practice them anywhere. It’s a dynamic relaxation practice that combines breathing techniques, movement, meditation and creative visualisation. If you are a busy person who feels stressed, overwhelmed or are have sleeping problems, then this book can help.”

I purchased this book based on a few press articles I had recently read about the author, and after finishing the book and going through the audio practices (included), I have found the positive reviews to be accurate. It is indeed a well-written, highly accessible guide to a practice that beginners will find easy to grasp.

The book is quite extensive, but never overwhelming, in outlining the concept, method and reasoning behind all the techniques, so you know exactly what you’re doing and why, which is immensely helpful.

It is organised into chapters that delve further into techniques as you progress through the practice, so you do feel a real sense of progression. I feel empowered and knowledgeable about which techniques work best for me and should I need a reminder, it’s helpful knowing I can access the audio whenever I like.

The author of this book is clearly highly credible in the media and industry (based on reviews and articles from trusted outlets) so I feel confident in recommending it to anyone who wishes to explore Sophrology both as an addition to meditation, and as a fully holistic life and stress management technique.


“A Must Have!
This book is a must have for anyone interested in stress management. It brings a very interesting new perspective, it’s simple and clear. Sophrology is such a wonderful method and a book like this was really needed in the English speaking world. Antiglio’s approach is so genuine and it’s the perfect book to start discovering the practice of Sophrology!”

“I just wanted to thank you for writing such an interesting book about Sophrology. I only first heard about Sophrology at the beginning of last week (in a Guardian article, I think it was), and immediately sent off for your book which was devoured by the weekend.  I’m now really enjoying working my way through the recordings on your website (which are really nicely paced by the way), and I’m even looking in to the options available for professional training.”