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How to Improve Your Employees’ Wellbeing with Dynamic Relaxation

Reducing sick days and improving employee wellness can make a huge difference to a company’s bottom line. Stress is often a cause of taking time off work for sickness, therefore identifying early signs of stress and learning ways to address them effectively can improve the wellbeing of employees and reduce costs related to sick days.

The aim is to make people feel more empowered about the way they manage their stress levels and how they perform at work.

A course of Sophrology group classes can achieve great results in a short period of time.


What Are Sophrology Corporate Group Classes and How Do They Benefit Organisations?

Using dynamic relaxation techniques is a cost/effective solution to employee absenteeism due to stress. By empowering employees to recognise and manage early signs of stress, they are better able to become more resilient and proactive about their workload, resulting in a better work/life balance.

Can you recognise early signs of stress? Did you know that the tightness in your jaw could be related to stress? During challenging times, we may be gnawing our teeth at night without realising – this in turn can trigger neck pain and headaches. Do you feel tired all the time? When we are stressed we tend to sleep less or have a lower quality of sleep so during the day we consume more caffeinated drinks to keep alert. Excess caffeine can then disrupt sleep at night.

All of these physiological signs are a way of your body telling you to take action. If we are unable to go on holiday, we can take a 10 minute mindful break using specific exercises to help us recharge (for example in our lunch break) and go back to work feeling refreshed.

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital not only for general employee wellbeing and productivity, but also for alertness, ability to manage stress and ability to concentrate at work.

Sophrology dynamic relaxation exercises can be useful to staff at all levels within an organisation, particularly for executives who want to improve their professional performance. Using similar tools to those athletes draw from to prepare for major sporting events, participants in Sophrology group classes are guided through simple relaxation and visualisation exercises they can use anytime, any place to feel more prepared for important meetings and presentations. Sophrology provides great tools to help prevent burnout among employees.

From improving alertness and concentration to feeling more resilient to stress, participants in Sophrology group exercises can expect to see tangible results from the first session and practise in a relaxed and non-judgemental environment.

Sophrology group sessions are organised as a course of 6 and with a natural progression in mind. Each session is 45 minutes long and is designed to follow a specific path; practising between sessions is highly recommended. Recordings from each sessions are made available to make it easier to practise at home or while travelling.

The Sophrology relaxation work starts with the breathing: breathing is the foundation of the Sophrology practice. Once participants have mastered the breathing technique they can learn to relax and feel energised by the end of the session. There is also focus on the body and on achieving better body awareness to help identify any areas of tension and learn how to relax each of them.

Although there are 12 levels in Sophrology, during group classes it is more feasible to focus on level 1 exercises, which entail calming a racing mind, learning how to relax and being more aware in the present moment. In fact, sometimes stress is due to worrying excessively about the future or about factors we don’t have any influence on. Being able to let go of these worries and tensions in the body means that if there are potentially stressful events like an important presentation, they can be faced with more serenity and poise.

Over the course of the group classes programme, participants will learn how to prepare themselves physically and psychologically to enhance their sleep quality.

In the final session participants get an opportunity to reinforce their learning, ask questions and get more practice for the relaxation exercises so they can be performed in daily life when needed. Particular attention will be paid to the group’s specific requirements to ensure the session is very tailored and that it achieves its designated outcomes.


What Participants Said about Sophrology Corporate Group Classes?


What is particularly useful is that BeSophro tailors each session to the participants’ needs. From improving focus and sleep to preparing for an important event, Sophrology group classes are beneficial for general wellbeing.

Relaxation, breathing, visualisation exercises are used to boost body awareness and confidence.


“I became more aware of tensions, was able to reflect about uncomfortable situations and find easy ways to cope. Just having a tool to help me when I am nervous ahead of an event will help me cope better and give me more confidence.” (Corporate group participant at Innocent)

“I felt full of energy after the session. My whole body feels very loose and free of all tension. It’s almost as if my mind and consciousness are in a fresh state. Very refreshed.” (Group participant at Richmond upon Thames College)


If your organisation is interested in Sophrology corporate group classes please send an email to [email protected].

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